The Unexpected Happening Pollock Project & New era museum-March 12th 2016-Rome

A visionary performance of contemporary art, music and new visual arts, where the Pollock Project’s jazz meets the imaginative world of the artists from the New Era Museum (NEM).

At the heart of the show is the common man in its uniqueness and originality. The Man and his most real and profound human dimension are the point of departure and arrival, under the sign of a new humanism. The furthermost authentic expressions of the face and of the human voice transforms the meaning of the new mobile technologies in a modern form of popular art A global event of Art-Jazz and contemporary photography in the name of Mobile Art..



WHEN: March 12 2016

The Impossible Humans Unexpected Happening event is formed by 3 different sub-events and locations: Exhibition/Shooting/Concert. This event is organized by the New Era Museum and it’s open to all the mobile artist
Mobile Art is an international movement emerged in the wake of the enormous spread of smartphones and digital applications related to this: a way that breaks down the traditional boundaries between real and virtual events, between the artists and the viewers

Mobile Art currently is the only art movement vibrantly active in the world. Its activity is divulged through the web and social networks with the divulgation and reach of millions of images and music created and shared daily.

The photographers (from left to right): Clarisse Debout, Edward Santos, Giulia Baita, Headattacks Crealitys, Dieter Gaebel, Andrea Bigiarini, Manuela Matos Monteiro, Joao de la Fuente and Giuseppe Iannicelli.
The New Era Museum (NEM), directed by Andrea Bigiarini, is the first internationally acclaimed museum dedicated to Mobile Art on the Web. The museum's mission is to develop the knowledge and the use of mobile photography together with digital fine art, to stimulate the creation of works of this new kind of folk art, to disseminate and promote them worldwide through major networks. Today it comprises of a selection of over 70,000 works on a catalog of more than 400,000 images submitted from all over around the world, 350 artists, 10 thousand direct contacts, 50 thousand indirect contacts.

Numerous international events, to name but a few: Florence International Photography Awards, NEM Kansas City Exhibition, MAshRome Festival 2014, Impossible Humans, The Most Wanted Visionaries, Pro-Series and many other photographic events with the Movement of Global Mobile Art.

The Unexpected Happening it’s a unique event where the different art forms meet, which was born from the union of “Ah!”, The last album of Pollock Project, and “Impossible Humans”, the photo exhibition of the New Era Museum.


Pollock Project is the musical ensemble founded by Marco Testoni. A visionary musical project built on the aesthetics’ strength of the Art-Jazz: a surprising and evocative mix of contemporary jazz, electronic music and visual arts. With 3 albums already released, the band has participated to numerous jazz festivals, visual and digital art events and national radios.


Alexvisage (RUSSIA)

Artist and Photographer.

Mark Daniels (U.S.A.)

Mark Daniels is an artist who has lived in the Far East for twenty years and works in various technology businesses to support his art practice. He joined the NEM group shortly after it started to support the vision of free expression and global collaboration using the powerful new mobile phone digital applications. In this way he can work at a day job and operate a covert art practice under the cover of apparent normality.

Dieter Gaebel - Germany

I live with my girlfriend in Offenbach, Germany. Since having studied ‘Visual Communication,’ I have worked for the past twenty years as an advertising executive. The artistic fine art photography has always interested me and in 2012, I discovered my passion for iPhoneography and the possibilities what represented as ‘mobile art.’ Since then, I have been photographing and editing almost every day. My mobile perspective and artistic work expanded and in 2013 I became one of the founder artists of ‘NEM — The New Era Museum', founded and curated by Andrea Bigiarini. 2014 some of my artistic work has been shown in exhibitions in Germany and in 2015 in the Tethys Gallery, Florence, Italy.

Dilshad Corleone (U.K.)

Dilshad Corleone aka @italianbrother considers himself to be a true Mobile Photographer. His street photography has been exhibited internationally in Europe, America and East Asia, from London to Japan passing by from The Soho Gallery for Digital Art in New York, to name but a few. Dilshad Corleone was the main contributor for two main inspirational videos that saw him walking on the streets of Barcelona and London and photographing the day-to-day and the nightlife of the two cities, and most recently Dilshad’s work on tattoos has been published in a book, which has been received very positively by the media and photography world.

Patricia Larson (Mexico)

Artist and Photographer.

Clarisse Debout (France)

Clarisse Debout grew up in the cultural world thanks to her father music composer and her mother actress and singer. After several years in show production, photography requires Clarisse as evidence from 2010 She works for MUM Magazine and Balthazar before embarking on a first exhibition in January 2013 at the Galerie Hors Champs in Paris . Follows by a second exhibition in Montfort l'Amaury for Art2fact in June 2014 and a third in the espace MADART Gallery Cardin in Paris in November 2014. In décember 2014, Clarisse's work is integrated with the creation of the symposium organized by the Sorbonne and the Institut of Art History. Today, Clarisse has chosen to focus on the mobile picture and captures, through his smartphone, unique and totally spontaneous moments that she re-works through apps. Her picures are regularly selected by famous websites specialised in mobile pictures In April 2015, PhotoMagazine chose one of her photos to illustrate an article about mobile artistic photography trends .At the same time,she exhibited her photos at BMW ShowRoom in Paris and also in Brussels for the BIAM collective, her last two exhibitions were in June 2015 at Gallery Oberkampf in Paris and in Bordeaux in October 2015.

Nettie Edwards (U.K.)

Nettie trained as a theatrical designer and followed that profession for over 20 years before pursuing a creative career that combined social engagement, historical research and lens based work for which she was awarded a prestigious Wingate Scholarship. Since 2009, she has shot exclusively with iPhones. One of the first artists to explore the creative possibilities of multi apping and collaging with a mobile device, her work has won numerous awards including: Mobile Photographer of the Year 2013 ax3 American Aperture Awards (also winner ax3 2013 Landscape, Seascape & Nature and Video & Moving Image categories) Winner, Fine Art category, 4th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards. She was a finalist in the inaugural Lumen Prize for Digital Art (2013) Nettie's work has been published and exhibited extensively including Format Festival, Derby UK, Photo International, LA; The LA Mobile Arts Festival; Mobile Photo Paris; Gallery 27, Cork Street, London; Royal West Academy, Bristol, She is the first Mobile Photographer to have work exhibited at the England's historic Fox Talbot Museum, Lacock Abbey, Wiltshire. Publications include: The Journal of The Royal Photographic Society, European Photography; Black and White Photography (UK); Focus (Holland); Photographs (Greece) and The New York Times Lens Blog. Nettie lives in the UK and works in the UK and Europe. She utilizes both digital and alternative/historical photo printing processes, most notably, Anthoype (plant based) prints. She was a juror in first three years of the Mobile Photography Awards.

Aldo Pacheco (Canada)

Studied Electronic Engineer, specializing in wireless telecommunications. Professional jeweler, enthusiastic writer, musician, ceramist, and photographer

Relocated to Canada from Peru in 2006 and discovered iphoneography in 2010

NEM founder artist, curator of NEM KARMA, NEM PURE, FIPA gate keeper and member of the NEM ALOGUE

Personal iphonic art projects: Cadavre Exquis on Facebook

Artwork featured in NEM Photo Actions, Pixels, and various other publications internationally acclaimed awards include MPA 2013, 2014, 2015 and MIRA Mobile Prize 2014, 2015

Artwork exhibited in cities including Porto, Paris, Los Angeles, and Florence

Brendan Ó Sé (Ireland)

Brendan Ó Sé is an award-winning fine art photographer/iPhone photographer from Cork, Ireland. Brendan offers mobile photography workshops in association with Cork's Glucksman Gallery and The Gallery of Photography in Dublin. These workshops are supported by Olloclip.

In April 2015, Brendan won the Mira Mobile Photography Prize. He was awarded 'Best in Show' at the Florence International Photography Awards in June 2015. Brendan also won the Mediterraneo Foto Festival in May, 2015. In October, 2015, Brendan was awarded first place in the Everyday Life category in the Stark Awards 2015. In January, 2015, Brendan won first place in the Street Photography category in the annual Mobile Photography Awards.

His DSLR and iPhone photography has been exhibited in Dublin, Miami, Florence, Lecce, and Porto. Brendan was part of the Apple World Gallery of images shot on iPhone 6 in 2015. His photograph was showcased on billboards and posters in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Bangalore, Tokyo, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, Boston, Milan, Singapore, Sydney and many more throughout the world. It was also featured in many print magazines, including The New Yorker. In June, Brendan's photograph in this campaign was awarded a Cannes Golden Lion in the advertising world's Oscars and also won Gold in the Clio Awards 2015.

Andy Butler (U.K.)

Andy Butler is a UK iPhone photographer and founder of the website, and editor of the supporting Mobiography Magazine, a long running digital publication dedicated to the subject of mobile photography.

He is a passionate advocate of mobile photography and through the Mobiography website and magazine is able to explore the world of mobile photography, showcasing the talents of the many individuals within this emerging genre.

Andy is also a member of the social photography collective,, and in 2015 spoke on the subject of mobile photography and digital publishing at MOJOCon, the first international Mobile Journalism Conference in Dublin, Ireland.


These are the selected photos that has been exhibited at Galleria Lancellotti in Rome from March 11th to March 26th 2016.

1. Sorry to disturb - by Frederic Mahy 2. Clara - by Luison 3. Dreaмѕ ιn Color - by Katie Teixeira 4. eyes turned inwardly - By Susan Tuttle 5. Jerry Lives - by eSantos Studios 6. Synesthesia - By Eliza Badoiu 7. 8h12 - Mourning Beirut - by Nanou Ghanem 8. Eyes of India - By Karen Divine 9. A thin spiral narrowness of air - by Veronica Hassell 10. Killing (summer)Time Series - By Amo Passicos.

The 10 selected entries.



Andrea Bigiarini


Dilshad Corleone

The Guru

Mark Daniels

School Days

Brendan O' Sé


Patricia Larson


Andy Butler

Aldo Pacheco

Finding the never encoding

Clarisse Debout

Nettie Edwards



Dieter Gaebel


The Exhibition Invite

1. Sorry to disturb - by Frederic Mahy 2. Clara - by Luison 3. Dreaмѕ ιn Color - by Katie Teixeira 4. eyes turned inwardly - By Susan Tuttle 5. Jerry Lives - by eSantos Studios 6. Synesthesia - By Eliza Badoiu 7. 8h12 - Mourning Beirut - by Nanou Ghanem 8. Eyes of India - By Karen Divine 9. A thin spiral narrowness of air - by Veronica Hassell 10. Killing (summer)Time Series - By Amo Passicos

Frederick Mahy

Andrea Bigiarini & Rob Pearson Wright

Marco Di Battista

Edward Santos

"Jerry lives" - Winner of the IHUH Awards by Edward Santos (USA)


A project born from an idea of Marco Testoni (Pollock Project) and Andrea Bigiarini (New Era Museum) which provides, in different locations , four simultaneous events in the name of Mobile Art .

The following video was filmed and edited by Dieter Gaebel - NEM Founding Artist - of the Impossible Humans the Unexpected Happening - March 12th Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

Photos by Edward Santos
Created By
Andrea Bigiarini

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