Learning Walks Reflections from Team 4

What did we learn today?

  • When we walk into a room, we have to be prepared to collect specific, factual data. Ex: 2/25 students were responded teacher asked "What did you get on #___?" for 2 questions.
  • Junior high on-level courses required a lot of collaboration from students and held them to high standards; this did not necessarily transfer over to the high school level.
  • We would like to use the data we collect to encourage PLCs to shift conversations from what we're teaching to how we're teaching it.
  • We like the questions we were given; we would like to share this with teacher and have them use these kinds of questions to reflect on their own teaching.

How might we help teachers improve in Domain 2?

  • Teachers reflect on questions about what their students are doing.
  • Present data and ask teachers to interpret it.
  • Use Swivl and have them answer these questions and reflect on rubric.

What are the great things we saw students doing?

  • Students were kind to each other! They supported one another. Ex: "That's smart! That's a great idea!" (and gave the other student a high five).
  • Students were really participating in learning communities; students who were "tutors" supported and asked questions!
  • Students invited input from one another and shared ideas and justification.

How can IC's support one another?

  • We love to have this time to collaborate! Continue to share our ideas and reflect aloud.
  • Teacher visits! High school teachers go to visit junior high classrooms and discuss.
  • Discussion on how to "vertically align" culture, language, and engagement.


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