Puddle Jumping The art and practices

Puddle jumping is more than often underrated by those who have little knowledge on the topic. This report is to advance your infromation on Puddle Jumping.

This article is writen by John Kinney, a known puddle jumper.

-Average puddle, found on a two-track dirt road-

Puddle Jumping originated in the mid 1890's, after P.J. Runnings failed to beat the world record for high jumping. He said that "Jumping high over a stick is meaningless, and long jumping into sand is bothersome" P.J. disliked sand and even made a dirt beach for his local park so that sand wouldn't be used.

-A larger puddle for more expirenced jumpers, located on a concrete slaight-

Puddle jumping is sometimes competed at track and field events, but more than usual it is set up for the following day. This is due to its level of intensity. Collage and higher levels of Puddle jumping are always planned out on their own days.

-Olympic sized puddle, located in a gravel pit-

Puddle jumping is often over-looked because if you fail a puddle jump, you are not legally allowed to continue puddle jumping, this applies to all levels of puddle jumping.

-A failed puddle jump on a highschool sized puddle-

Puddle jumping techniques vary depending on weight, height, and gender. Common techiques are, the Two-Footed Double Stomp, the Right-Foot Body Throw, and the Left-Footed Spring.

-Example of the Two-Footed Double Stomp-

Puddle jumping had been a difficult sport to compete in, but that hasn't stopped some in getting world records. The best puddle jump on record as of March of 2017 is 32 puddle units.

-An example of a puddle jumper jumping over a puddle-

Puddle jumping is a hardcore sport for only a select amount of people. Do not try puddle jumping if you are not able to jump or run. If you end up with a tumor on your left index finger, consult your doctor. If the puddle is more than 42% battery acid do not jump the puddle.

-The final puddle, no one has jump it yet-

If you wish to join the Puddle Jumping Squad, contact this email (puddlejumping01@gmail.com) to learn how.

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John Kinney

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