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Cornelia "Corrie" Arnolda Johanna Ten Boom was Born in Haarlem, Netherlands in 1892 on April 15, and had a very strong religious upbringing. She had two sisters named Betsie and Nollie and a brother named Williem and her parents Casper and Cor but her mother died in 1922.
After her mother died and a failing romance she trained to become a watchmaker and was the first woman licensed in the Netherlands to make watches. She served the society by offering shelter, food, and money to those in need.
Corrie and her family were strong people of the Christian faith and believed that Jews are "Gods ancient people" and this lead them to helping the Jews in WW2.
Corrie was never married and also had no children but Corrie was still a very busy. When she was younger she started a club for young women. When WW2 was occurring Corrie and her family helped save over 800 Jews. After the war she set up a rehabilitation center for people who survived the concentrations camps. Even later she became a public speaker.
She was always a Christian but when the Nazi party started persecuting God's Ancient people The Boom Family stepped in to help the Jews escape and this was the beginning to their mission field.
Corrie contributed to the mission by showing to be strong in God and to forgive no matter what they do to you like Corrie showed to the Germans.
Corrie was named righteous of the nation and was knighted by the Queen of the Netherlands. She wrote a best- selling book called " The Hiding Place" and has a museum in the house they saved many Jews in.
The Bible verse that reminds me of Corrie Ten Boom is Proverbs 31:25 She is clothed in strength and Dignity and she laughs without fear of the future. The quote that really spoke to me is "Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. it empties today of its strength." - Corrie Ten Boom, clipping from MY notebook
Some other interesting facts and other info about Corrie Ten Boom are that she died after 3 strokes at the age of 91 on her birthday in 1983. Her sister Betsie died 12 days before she was liberated in the concentration camp they were both sent to.

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