Dystopian Dysphoria By: morgan Perce

The air was musty as the smell of sawdust cluttered the workshop. As you look around you see all sorts of toys that are cluttered with dust and one very interesting looking person, or toy you cannot tell.

This is the shop of a very old toy maker and his dog. The old toy maker comes in and checks on the "toy" person. He takes his dog, the dog is a golden retriever named Fluffy. He puts him, not very gently, on this treadmill-like thing. He isn't very nice to his dog, he yanked him on there instead of gently placing him on there. He also puts the "toy" person thing on the other one.

He hits the big green button that says "GO" and it starts moving. After many, many trials, the old man yells, "Yes! Yes! Yes! I finally did it!" What he did was he made the dog's brain switch with the "toy" person's brain so the dog becomes a human with a dog brain.

The old toy maker decided to leave the dog just lying there. He went to buy a lottery ticket because he thought that he was really lucky. Just after he left, the dog woke up and got the hang of his new body and figured out how to walk around and decided to leave the toy shop.

That day there just happens to be a parade, you might not know now but that will be important down the road. Also, the old toy maker was not a very good master to the dog so the dog didn't like the old toy maker.

Back at the toy store, the dog decided to leave because he hates his master. He decided to go the parade and then run away from his master but first he wants to enjoy the parade.

The old toy maker came back and saw that the dog wasn't there. Little did he know that the dog left. He decided to find him. But he didn't know where to go or where the dog maybe. He was lazy so he just decided not to care.

The old toy maker turned on the TV and turned on the lottery channel and they call the number, SHCC, SHC, SHCC, the TV loses signal and we will never know what they say or what number they call.

If you lived in that house you would want to run away too, the old toy maker would use the poor dog for all of these types of weird experiments, not to mention the one that made him become human. He had to attempt to do that one many, many times.

The dog didn't know what the old toy maker was doing but we did because we know that the toy maker is going to get the dog but the dog didn't know it yet.

The old toy maker found the dog at the parade and the dog told the old man why he ran away because he is a bad master.

The old toy maker went to go to the parade because he thought that the dog might be there. He found the dog at the parade. He asked him, “Fluffy why did you run away?”

He responded, “I ran away because you were and still are a bad master, you made me do things that I didn't and still don't want to do.”

“I understand …” the old man said, he took a pause before saying the next part, “... I know that I might not have been the best master but I hope that you can forgive me and come back and live with me and work with me at the toy shop.”

The dog responded, “I would love that thank you so much I really appreciate that. I also really appreciate that you are so sorry about what you have done.”

*** That brings us to present day***

“Hey do you know where the glue is?” the old maker asked the dog.

“Where ever you put it, I didn't touch it.” he replied.

“Hey I found it.” the old toy maker said.

“Really no way.” the dog mumbled.

“Hey what are you doing down there?” he asked.

“Writing a book.” the dog replied.

“Oh! Really, what is it about?” the old man asked

“The story of my life.” the dog replied.

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