luxury land live the life

The seal of luxury land

This is luxury lands seal because pineapples represent fun and a carefree life style.

Our mission statement

Our mission statement is to provide total happiness,fun, and luxury

our ten ammendments are...

You have to have a job you like, a super fancy mansion,and everything you want/need

you have to pay off small debts two weeks after developed and you have up to 5 years to pay off large debts.( this makes it so you have more money)

You have to find time to treat yourself

you must participate in at least one athletic activity and play one instrument

you have to go to school for whatever you want to be when you grow up

you must vote for leaders, senators,congressmen, laws, and judges

you must have cute clothes and awesome cosmetic products

You have to spend time with your family and parents need to raise their children in a fun environment

you must be useful to your community and serve all those around you

Daily schedule

9:00 wake up and get ready

11:00 go to school

1:00 go home

2:00 free time

3:00 athletic activities

6:00 fun time with friends

8:00 dinner time

9:00 get ready for next day

10:00 family time

11:00 sleep

your life will be amazing and your problems are already taken care of if you just COME TO LUXURY LAND !!!


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