GoKart Mr. Estock

This is a side view of the braking system. You can also see the bottom of the steering column with the rope wrapped around it. The hinges allow for a transfer of motion from the front of the GoKart to the back tire. When the peddle is pressed the

Here is our throttle / gas pedal. The black rope goes back along the side of the car and is wrapped around the trigger of the drill. When the pedal is pushed forward the drill trigger is squeezed.

This shows our motor drive system. We used the rear wheel/sprocket and the sprocket from the pedals to turn our rear wheel.

Each of our Systems

Systems of our GoKart: Top left = Motor Drive / Top Right = Bottom Left = Bottom Right =

Video demonstrating all of our 6 systems

Early inspiration for our design

Close up of drive belt system

We replicated the steering concepts illustrated in this photo

This design looked cool but was proven to me ineffective as seen in the video below


Created with images by Nebenbei - "background texture structure wall brick stone red" • konradfoerstner - "Manga scream"

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