Hi. My name is Giouzakov Konstantinos (Kostas). Currently I'm a student ( Standing: junior) in the sphere of Computer Science and Information Technologies at AUBG. This slideshow serves as a portfolio for some apps and sites that I've created so far. Before each project follows a link to my google drive, where you can download the zip file with the source code of the corresponding project.
Giouzakov Konstantinos (Kostas)


My first game in Python. I'm using pygame libraries in this one. The "amazing" background scenery, though, is totally my creation.
A Ping Pong project i chose to do for my Computer Architecture class

Website Projects

My first project in Web development. I experimented with opacity attributes as well as with hover animations. The site serves to promote a local Diving Center.
"Kostas Art" is a sample of a site displaying an gallery or a composition of artifacts from a/some artists. I tried to keep it smooth and simple, in order to give the viewer the feeling of actually being in a gallery.
This is a sample site of promoting a country or a city. I used Moscow as an example. In the background I used a video with negative z-index, in order to make it more fancy (after all, the purpose is promoting the city).


A project of mine using java and Netbeans IDE. I'm using a phpAdmin database,named orderst, that I've created before hand. The purpose of this project was to practice myself how to incorporate databases into an app.
This is an interactive quiz for conversions. The questions are totally random every single time. There is a thoroughly designed random question generator. After the last question, 10th, the score is calculated.
This is a converter for numerical conversions. It's designed for only positive values. In case an inappropriate conversion takes places, an error is shown.
An application that allows you to create a new account, and then produces weekly daily workouts. The user gets to pick his aim: build muscle or get ripped. Each workout is unique, and the difficult of the workouts increases by the time.
The user answers 10 questions, and the quiz determines how prone he is to Art, Fitness etc. The questions are just sample ones.
A small app demonstrating my visual basic skills. User enters a data, which, the app checks whether the value entered is a number, and if it's an even or odd number. It proceeds by summing the values to the total values of even or odd. This app is pretty easy in the design and coding. It serves solely to show that I'm familiar with Visual Basic.


Database Mapping and Design that I've create. The idea is to create a database for an art gallery. The soft I used for this designs are "MySQL Workbench" and "draw.io".
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