Freedom vs Fate The Struggles of Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan. He is arguably the most powerful being the world has ever known and yet, he is sad and alone, on a desolate rock far from all that he ever loved... or ever will love. As he possesses the ability to live in the past, present, and future all at once, he bears witness to fate with each and every waking moment. Your life may flash before his eyes before you so much as blink. Even an all-powerful god has a boss. And that boss is Fate.

Should he save her?
Does he even have the power to do so?
The more important question, however, is why even bother?

If he saves her this time, she is sure to run into danger once again. And again. And again. Manhattan lives in this constant state of having the ability to save, but why save her now when she will surely die later? And if later equates to now, why save her at all? The interesting predicament Manhattan finds himself in begs this question, and offers the reader a chance to look introspectively as to how he or she would react in the same situation.

Ignorant Freedom and Enlightened Isolation
  • As Doctor Manhattan becomes aware of all things ever present, he shuns himself from the outside world. How can one befriend someone as they also witness their demise? In this newly enlightened state, all he wants to be is left alone. As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss.

Ultimately, Dr. Manhattan fulfills his wish of wanting to be left alone by taking shelter on a distant planet. Perhaps he shall return, if he sees a pressing matter that he just cannot bear to leave unaltered. For in the end, although he cannot go toe to toe with fate, there is still a part of him that goes by the name of Dr. Jonathan Osterman. It is that bit of human left in him that will always keep him coming back, attempting to change that which cannot be changed.

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