Students slathered in sunshine and fun Annual wet field day signals the end of the school year is approaching

Julie Gorham / Citrus Chronicle

Madison Burkhart squealed as she glided down a waterslide during Rock Crusher Elementary School’s annual wet field day on Tuesday.

For three days, every grade at Rock Crusher ditches school work to spend two hours playing under the bright sun to celebrate the upcoming end to school year — and they couldn’t be happier.

“Students spend 20 minutes at six stations,” said teacher Monique Elsworth, who was standing guard as students slid down the waterslide.

“We have a Slip and Slide, Rock Crusher Falls, limbo Popsicle stand and a car wash station students have to army-crawl through, and a shaving cream station,” she said. “We love seeing them have fun.”

Around the county, elementary schools are celebrating the final two weeks before summer break with water days, along with field trips for many classes. The school year ends May 26,

One of the stations is an especial hit among students. They never get tired of being smothered in shaving cream.

Eight-year-old Gracie Brown said the best part of wet field day is just being outside.

Madison Burkhart, also 8, couldn’t decide what she liked the most.

“Everything is fun. Right now I like the slide the best because we can be on our stomach. We do a lot of work so we get something fun at the end of year, and tomorrow we are getting ice pops and pizza,” she said.


Photo by Matthew Beck

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