Pathogen Control System innovative and cost-effective solution that reduces the spread of germs

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SteamMaster now provides a Safe, Effective Pathogen Control System

nVIRO Shield® is an innovative and cost-effective solution that helps control the spread of pathogens by creating an environment that is unfriendly to bacteria for up to 30 days after application. The products used in this system include EPA-designated safe ingredients that are non-toxic, fast-acting, allergen-free, and safe for humans and pets.

SteamMaster’s nVIRO Shield® system can be used to protect your health against pathogenic spores, bacteria, viruses, and fungus in homes, medical facilities, childcare centers, schools and educational facilities, surgical centers, public transportation, senior living facilities, restaurants, hotels, fitness centers, and commercial properties.

To effectively disinfect an environment, 100% of the surface area must be cleaned. Studies show that regular housekeeping only touches 39% of the surfaces, leaving 61% vulnerable to the spread of pathogens. nVIRO Shield® protects against Influenza, which is a leading cause of death in the elderly. Infections are spread through close contact and common "touch points," 100% of which can be protected with the use of this system.

How nVIRO Shield Works

All mutual touch points can now be sanitized in fitness centers, spas, pool areas and locker rooms
Electrostatics offers complete adhesion to all surfaces

Electronically charged spray ensures coverage

Our process is NOT an aerosol delivery system. A tiny fan propels the sealant and sanitized in a 4’ to 6’ spray pattern. 85 micron droplet size spray particles makes it impossible to inhale or travel through air duct systems.

nVIRO Shield® is applied using an electrostatic sprayer which lightly coats all surfaces with a Photocatalytic Protective sealant and a sanitizer. Due to its technology, the positively-charged particles surround and adhere to surfaces that are treated and protection from pathogens.

Public transportation vehicles of all kinds will benefit

At a rate of approximately 5,000 sf per hour, our trained technicians can completely protect your environment for up to 30 days. Photocatalytic Protective Sealant application is long-lasting, high-binding, and kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria.

Senior living, child care centers, schools will all benefit from dis-infecting common touch points
I want to express my thanks to your staff for the response to my child care facility. More importantly, the disruption to the working staff and parents was minimized. - Ron Siebert, Facilities Project Manager
Kills and protects against most known bacteria. Minimize funding lost due to student illnesses


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