How Otzi Died By: Avreet saran

How I think Otzi died..

First we need to know who Otzi is, Otzi is the well known ¨iceman¨. He was a 5300 year old mummy. He was found near the Austria-Italian border, Otzi was the first body that was found fully intact and the oldest blood cells ever found in history of recording. He had several tattoos also that meant a lot to him, he had 61 tattoos to be exact. Now that you know a bit about Otzi let´s talk about what might have caused his death.

My thinking determines that Otzi had damaged or hurt his skull, according to scientists, Otzi had ¨head blow¨ before his death. Otzi, the Europe's oldest mummy, most likely suffered a head injury before he died about 5,300 years ago. According to a new protein analysis of his brain tissue. This gives me a reason to believe he may have been hurt from the back of the head. Studies also show that he had something stabbed into his left shoulder right above his chest area. These are some reasons why I am defending this theory and believing that this could possibly be how Otzi had died. However, there are many more theories out there.


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