Creating a Good digital Footprint Victoria Burke

Non private account

If your account isn't private anyone could view your account and either use your info for good or bad.

How to avoid this

Make your accounts private so that you receive a friend request and can either accept or deny and that person wouldn't have seen any of your information.

Before becoming friends with anyone online make sure you know the person to prevent them getting information out of you that you wouldn't want a stranger to know.

6 Clicks

It takes only 6 clicks for some stranger to know everything about you, where you live, what you like to do, your friends etc.

Here are some numbers of how many people lost their job or got fired because of their digital footprint. Jobs, colleges and other companies will be checking your account to see if your an okay person if your not you could be turned down or worse.

According to an article from Edutopia you should google yourself to see what would come up to prevent troubles in the future and to have a good digital footprint.

I have googled myself and can say that i feel good with what I have on the internet. Its not to much and its not to less and my accounts are very secure. So i insist that you do the same just to feel safe.

If someone really wanted to look deep on you they could access anything from the past even if it was deleted so to prevent them from finding anything just don't do anything dumb its pretty simple.

This link shows you how easy it is to find everything about somebody with 6 clicks. It also shows how you shouldn't post everything or not post enough.


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