My Wretched Employment Duty By: Eric Hodurek

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO READ THIS the first thing you''ll probably want to know is I work at Panera. Now, yes all of you may praise and glorify the wonderful establishment. However behind the scenes it's a different story. To begin with, the managers who work at the establishment are quite strict and not always the nicest, however I must deal with it. They always tinker around every corner making sure you are doing your job. Panera comes with a LOAD of hard work. But it gets dough. Not a lot of dough. But it does the trick. I work at this a establishment a few times a week and the times I'm free I spend my time smoking loads of cigarettes (not literally though). One of the upsides of my job is that i get a great big discount on all food at Panera and i do love their food. And don't even get me started on my damn co-workers. They always got something to bicker about. Boy are they annoying. I can't wait for the day they relieve me from that wretched place. They just need to shut up and not speak. I have truly been blessed with an economic opportunity such as this one..... not.

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