Tom Saywer Chapter 5

The secret room

One day, when Tom forget the treasure, he saw his friend, Huck, passed in front of his house. "Huck! What do you do?" asked Tom." I have a dead dog. At midnight it can call zombie. I will call you at 11:30".That night, Huck and Tom go to the graveyard with the dead dog. The dog was big so they walk very slow. When they arrived at the graveyard, it was close to midnight. They put the dog on a graveyard and wait. 3 minutes passed and nothing happened. Suddenly a men appeared. "Zombie! Said Huck, Zombie". But it wasn't a zombie, it was Injun Joe! "How can he go under the grave" asked Huck." I don't know" answered Tom. "Come back tomorrow at 9 o'clock" said Huck.
The next morning the two friends came to the graveyard very afraid to see Injun Joe again. And there they saw a little thing that they never saw before...
CHAPTER 6 " Huck! cried Tom, there a cross on the grave!" Where? Where? asked Huck. " On the grave!". Yes, there were a cross. Tom tried to push on the cross but no result, pushed an another time and then, Huck and Tom disappeared.
They reappeared in a small room under the grave. The room was little, with a table, a lamp and " The box of money " cried Tom and Huck. They opened the box, thousand of dollar, but now, how to go out? Tom and Huck tried all the way and there, it was a star. Huck pushed two times on it and they disappeared again. They reappeared on the grave and come back to the village. When they show the treasure, Huck as been love from all the village.
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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