The Belgian Revolution (1830-1831) By Mason mavrenovic


The Belgian Revolution began because the domination of Dutch over economic, political and social of the Kingdom. Leading to the successful seceding of Belgium from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


During this time in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, the people of the south were dutch speaking, "Flemings" and French speaking, "Walloons". Both being Roman Catholic while the northern providence's were Dutch protestants, which was a reason for indifference in the kingdom. In addition to the unrepresented feelings felt to the citizens in the south.


Previous to the revolution starting, Belgians, (Whom were mainly in the South) felt they were not being represented well enough in the assembly and there was thought that King William I was biased to the North, as he lived there.


The social aspect had relation to Belgium's thinking they were under represented in the kingdom. For example, many Belgium's wanted Dutch as the official language in Southern providence's, which was largely dismissed and banned, by the upper class.


An aspect of economic revolution was, Northern providence's were in favor for free trade while Southern providence's wanted protection of tariffs. Free trade made wheat much cheaper which depressed agriculture in Southern grain areas.

La Monnaie De Munt

A key start to the rebellion started at Theatre Royal de la Monnaie, where a nationalist play was performed. The play sparked the idea of revolution. Audience members began to mob, shouting patriotic slogans and taking control of government buildings.

End Goal

The goal for the Belgians was independence from the Netherlands and King William I, which ended in success. February 7th 1831, the Belgian Constitution was proclaimed Although, wasn't seen as an independent country until 1839.

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