From one Human to Another I Love you

One boy. One girl. One country. Two different worlds. This is our love story. A story with no ends, only beginnings.

Azeez, from the first moment I met you, you blew me away. You walked into Ellen's turned your head; smiled. That moment I knew. I knew I wanted to know you. I knew I wanted to talk to you.

Your sense of humor and way of conversation I laugh about to this day.

"Are you from Texas? You sound like you are from Texas." ~Azeez

Your charisma, optimism and spontaneity drew me in. I couldn't walk astray.

My first adventure in China was with you. A spontaneous decision to meet up with a stranger I met two days before.

Walking the streets of Shanghai, I knew then I could travel forever. Walking them with you made all the difference. It was then I wanted to wanted to walk the path of life with you.

You taught me how to enjoy life. You taught me not to fear. Through you I was opened up to the world . I was opened up to a different lense of our creator.

The law of attraction was real through every breath we shared.

One adventure with you was not enough that we met up for more. Anywhere I go, I look to share the experience with you.
You find the joys in everything around you. It makes me smile. You are patient and kind. Loving and honest. You're honesty is sincere, meaningful and with the best intentions. Always.

You make me stronger. You are my inspiration. You are my reason. Though times may be tough, you stand by my side, encouraging me to keep going.

For that, I am forever thankful and blessed to have you in my life. You bring me joy and love. Peace and prosperity.

No matter the distance. No matter the time. All of it is irrelevant.

Because, you are my PARTNER. you are my BEST FRIEND. you are my LOVER. nothing will ever change that. I am here ALWAYS; on Earth and Heaven.

I love you more than Kim loves Kanye. <3

xoxo ~e.

Created By
Emily Schlangen

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