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Establishing yourself as a Digital Media Freelancer can be a difficult process. As a way of introducing myself to the Small Business Community and to showcase, not only my "techie" skills, but also my values and personality, I'd like to partner with a local business at reduced rates of up to 50%off regular rates.
"What is Digital Media? Who are you and why do I need your services?"
Digital Media encompasses everything in the online format. It's how we connect to each other through Internet platforms... web sites, social media, apps, e-business, and digital marketing. If you see it on your TV, computer, phone, or tablet... it's Digital Media.
I grew up during the rise of laptops, Wi-Fi, and smart phones. I feel at home in the online world where others may feel overwhelmed by the volume of information. I'm passionate about telling stories through web design, marketing, and graphic design.
Does your business need a website? Already have a site but it needs updates or changes? Having trouble getting noticed on popular apps like Instagram and Facebook? I can help. Take a chance on me and we can help each other.
If you'D like to Form a Partnership, please contact Mayneville Design Co. by clicking on the links below...thank you for your time and WE look forward to hearing from you! -Erin mayne
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Erin Mayne


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