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Medium of the Art: This piece was particularly interesting to see in person because it showed the culture of a society so well. It is "Chinese" Style Fancy Dress and is from a small Ghanaian coastal town. It is referred to as "Chinese", but was influenced by Brazilian carnival styles. The culture of this coastal town is very clearly shown by this amazing costume and the influences from around the world can be seen in it. The vibrant colors and different textures and patterns can only truly be appreciated by seeing this work in person. This work was able to connect me to a people and a culture that is halfway across the world from where I was standing. It was not only beautiful but it was also meaningful.
Design of the Museum: This specific wing of the museum was so enjoyable for me because it was so open and light. The art was spaced out and was not crowded, and the large windows provided natural light when viewing the art. It also included multiple gardens that were exquisite. This entire wing was peaceful and really let me focus on the beauty that was surrounding me.
Art and Core Values: Guerilla Girls touched on an issue that is very important to me, and I would assume many other women. The original Guerilla Girls were from the 1980's, but the same issues stand today. Women's rights and sexism are a huge part of our society and while things, for the most part, are getting better, it is still an issue that all women should feel passionately about. Seeing this exhibit in the museum just reiterated that to me. I was reminded that past generations of women, even after the suffragettes, went through the same issues that I deal with today. This exhibit made me feel connected to the women of the past and hopeful for the women of the future.
Art and the Good Life: This work of art represented Seeking the Good Life to me. I am studying architecture and love to see the beauty of buildings and the different styles throughout time. As Thoreau talks about in Walden, what we live for is so important in living the Good Life. This is a beautiful building that is unique and timeless with a rather plain surrounding of concrete skyscrapers. This is the type of building that I love to see when I am walking down the street, the type of building I hope to one day design. This photograph stood out to me immediately. While I already knew I wanted to pursue architecture, it helped me to better understand that it is something that I not only want to create, but also appreciate. In order for me to truly lead a Good Life I have to seek out beautiful architecture in the world around me and, hopefully, create more for people to enjoy years afterwords like I was able to.
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