Rosenheim Mansion Jacque Rose


The absolute location of the Rosenheim Mansion is 34.0500° N, 118.3174° W. The relative location of the Rosenheim Mansion is Los Angeles, California.


The Rosenheim Mansion is located in Los Angeles, in LA you can find landmarks such as the Hollywood sign. LA is located on a very hilly plain with the Pacific ocean at it's boundaries. LA has an average high of 84 degrees F and an average low of 65.6 degrees F in August. As of 2013, LA's population was 3.884 million people. Less than 50% of those people can speak english as their first language, Spanish is a widely spoken first language along with Korean, Filipino, Armenian, Chinese, and Persian.

Human/environmental interaction:

In California an estimates 102 million trees have been killed due to forest fires and tree cutters. Last spring Gov. Brown out a mandatory reduction in water because of a possible drought. But recently, statewide water conservation has lagged.


Some of LA's major forms of transportation are buses, trains, and planes along with cars. According to Los Angeles times, the biggest imports and exports of California are in Los Angeles.


The Rosenheim Mansion is located in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is located in the Greater Los Angeles region of California. California is located in the southwest region of the United States and the United States in located in North America.


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