Surfing at Bondi beach love the motion of the ocean


Australia has many places for physical activities where tourists can come and enjoy their holidays in a fit and healthy way. Physical activities like cycling, bush walking, swimming, etc are very common in Australia. the most attempted physical activity by the tourists and the Australian people is surfing.


Bondi Beach is one of the world’s best destinations to learn to surf, with mesmerizing views and waves that draw surfers from everywhere. Bondi beach is located in Sydney central business district, new south wales, Australia.The beach is 30 minutes by public transport from Town Hall, in the City Center.

benefits from surfing

From surfing there many health benefits. From paddling it helps in cardiovascular fitness,shoulder and back strengthens and also strengthen muscles. legs and core strengthens by standing up on the board. Surfing is also a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy the natural environment and a good outlet for stress and tension. (benefits from surfing)


Surfing is free of cost. the only cost that takes is for the surfing board that starts from AU$45 to over AU$450. if anybody likes to get surfing lesson it costs $25 to $100.

risks while surfing

  1. Sharks or any other marine animals like jellyfish, seals might be roaming around the surfing area.
  2. There is a very high risk of drowning while surfing. Getting trapped on the reef and being separated from the surf board and not being able to swim in, and unconsciousness are the major risks.
  3. Waves may look nice from the beach but can be incredibly powerful. Some are powerful enough to break bones. Wipe outs on waves are a common cause of surfing injury.
  4. Surfboards can be a dangerous piece of sporting equipment. Pointed at one end, with one or more switchblade like fins ready to slice anything that gets in their way.

safety majors

  1. If someone is already riding a wave, don’t try to paddle around them.
  2. Check the beach and make sure you are not alone always take a friend.
  3. If you are a beginner, stick to beach breaks with a sandy beach.
  4. Making sure the top of the board is waxed up or has some form of grip and checking the leg rope is in good condition.
  5. Watching the area before going in to see the best place to paddle out. Watching other people to see how they are getting on out in the surf.
  6. Warming up before entering the water. majors)
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