Why College Athletes ShouldBe Paid Thompson Brock

College Athletes have had their basic rights as students taken away from them all because of NCAA rules while working 3.3 hours more than the typical American worker

“All other people, including every other student, are allowed to accept whatever compensation their talents will command in the marketplace, and such compensation does not affect their status as students. The only person or class of person that is restricted in any way, industry wide, is an athlete. I believe that is wrong.”- Jay Bilas

Because of how because of television schedules, it requires students to miss many classes. The NCAA Basketball Tournament requires at least six missed days of class and the NCAA Football Championship game requires athletes to miss the first few days of spring classes. Practice schedules during this time also require even more missed class.

Fast Stats about Clemson Football

1. Dabo Swinney is on a six year $30.75 Million contract

2. Clemson Football’s total revenue was over $83.5 Million in 2015-2016.

3. Because of the success of the football program, IPTAY has seen a record in fundraising.

The NCAA and CBS are signed on a $10.8 Billion television agreement over the next 14 years.

But remember, there is not enough money...

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