SOAK*2017:Superstition Art grant Awardees

(Skylight by Chris Pitzer. Image by Sepia.)

(Design by Janet Lackey)
Detail of TransItional Elements, Ball Pit by Nemecek, Crystal Immersion @ Crystal Ballers & the Flamethrower Chandelier by Ramage.

Dearest Participants! Wishes have been granted, coins have been tossed, bones, runes & tarot cards have been cast. We are here to name, & thus give power, to 28 art projects awarded by the SOAK peer review team, aka Talented And Gifted!

The following works of art are funded, in part, by Precipitation Northwest, SOAK LLC & anonymous Donor-Participants.

(design by Sepia)
When you see a sparkle, it is time to move ahead.



Artist statement: As a high strung function over form logic-dependent individual I attended SOAK last year as a new-comer. The interactive art experience really changed my perspective on what art truly is. I felt inspired to capitalize on the joy I witnessed and experienced whilst swinging. I set out to make a structure that many SOAKers could use at once that was very sturdy easy to assemble and able to attend many SOAK events in the future.
The grant funds will allow me to purchase the large pieces of pressure treated wood to construct the durable main frame of the project. It will also help with purchasing some of the sturdy hardware that holds it all together. I chose pressure treated wood because of the potential of rain and for years of durability.
"When you hear this sound, it is time to turn the page..."


Artist statement: Our art project has been visiting SOAK and Burning Man for a couple years now. We provide on-site (or playa) interactive technology based experiences by connecting a series of vintage telephones together across a wide area wirelessly.

''Our art project includes various pieces of vintage telephone equipment fully functional sprinkled across the event site...all interconnected. This includes no-pay payphones desk phones and even wall phones sometimes placed in art pieces. Wireless battery/solar powered and as prior years have indicated a real treat for the participants of SOAK"

Grant funds this year will help us convert another acquired payphone over to non-pay function and outfit it with our hardware (interface box solar panel batteries LED lights etc). The goal of applying for this art grant is to expand the hardware quantity deployed on-site (through the use of a recently purchased additional payphone booth).

* insert sparkling chime soundbyte here*

3. Shadowdancer by TheWiz

Artist statement: My work is poised on the intersection between technology and art. It uses my engineering and Maker experience to create visually awesome structures with light and motion as primary elements. I seek meaning and purpose from hearing people say "Wow look at that!" My work has appeared at Oregon and Washington regionals and Burning Man itself. I am now a full-time techno-artist with plans to expand to other festivals and events.

Shadowdancer creates a shifting overlay of colored dancer's silhouettes combining real people and cutouts. At a kiosk, visitors can play Shadowdancer like an organ, making their own creations of colored light and shadow. A path invites them to participate from a dance space inside. Left idle it creates its own changing images.

The installation is a 28 foot inflated dome of rear-projection material surrounding suspended silhouettes and a dancespace with a core of bright controllable color LED arrays.The silhouettes can be swapped for different themes.

4. Smelt it by nye

Artist Statement: I plan to bring an aluminum smelter to SOAK and offer to melt empty aluminum cans down and cast them into shwag.
Let participants know they can bring their empties and I will turn them into shwag. Participants can come turn in their trash and get shwag from it. Also while remaining reasonable safe participants may operate the smelter if they choose (under supervision).

5. Flaming Tripod by vetro

Artist Statement: The Flaming Tripod sits 40ft in the air with her 6 ft flame acting as a beacon for all to see and as you come closer, whoosh, a 15ft burst of flame is released from the poofer exciting all ones senses and further drawing people in.
  • the piece itself was made from scrap and recycled metal
  • repurposed to be a self expressive art piece
  • takes a communal effort to build and assemble
  • acts as a beacon for partipants to come and enjoy the inclusiveness that our camp engenders.
*sparkle chimes*

6. Portal by week

Artist Statement: An object has appeared with what looks like a thousand glowing ants running across it. It's mystery attracts you. As you approach you notice the figure has thrown an ocean of ever changing colors on a surface behind it. Could this be a portal to another world? You look down at the figure still ablaze with the colorful ants and see six knobs surrounded by some strange alien-looking script. As you twist one of the knobs the ocean once being projected suddenly transforms into something more geometric. What do these knobs determine? Coordinates to some psychedelic location? Mystery abounds...For a little background I am a mathematical evolutionary theoretician in training. As an artist I attempt to translate my science into something a general audience can appreciate by using my background as an electronics hobbyist to build interactive projects.

This is an interactive projection of scrolling colors that is housed in a welded geometric podium. The podium is lit by colorful LED's. Hopefully the LED's will respond to the same user input that controls the projection which will be six knobs and a hidden camera.
The project will invite individuals to play with the six knobs and to dance in front of the camera all of which will impact the projection.

7. Web of Dreams by Randolph

Artist Statement: The art we reference reaches back as far as indigenous American dream catchers, Scandinavian fishing nets and even your grandmother’s doilies. The Web of Dreams Collective creates play spaces that serve as an alternative to the synthetic or digital worlds that dominate most children and adults’ downtime. A “magic circle” in the digital realm is a membrane that encloses virtual worlds (Castronova Synthetic Worlds 2005). Ironically our panels start with a “magic circle” a crochet technique that allows us to create infinite variations on our climbable webs pods and hammocks that invite adults and children alike to climb play and relax; and encourage exercise sensory stimulation and daydreaming.
Web of Dreams is 60k feet of crocheted climbable doilies constructed from 1/4 nylon rope. Play is integral to the human experience no matter your age. This is a well loved and fully interactive piece that is looking forward to our 4th year at SOAK.
We will be doing a structure that is double the size (length and width not height) that we did in 2016.
Climbable Snuggleable Touchable Web of Dreams is made of interactive!

8. Moltensteelman Flame Effects by Montesano & Peterson

Artist Statement: What starts out as a triumph soon becomes manipulated into a fleeting grasp of power leaving only a sense of what could have been and the chance of a new reality. As wavering forms become transformed through emergent and critical practice participants are provided with a clue to the darkness of our era. Or maybe they just want to push the big red button. That’s enough of this crap we’re going out to set some stuff on fire.

A dragon, a snake and a shark walk into a bar carrying a flame cannon. The bartender turns to the bear at the end of the bar and says “Hold my spear and watch this.”

Our list of flame effects for this year: Juvenile Pyrosaurus, Radiant Guardian Spears, Atmospheric Converter Spike (new to SOAK this year!) & Flamboni. Yes FLAMBONI!!!!!
"We bring flame effects for all to enjoy incorporating radical inclusion participation and immediacy. We provide an example and uphold behaviors to encourage civic responsibility communal effort and leaving no trace."

9. Museum of the Broken by taylor

Artist Statement: This project was born from the realization that the Burning Man community has so many members who struggle every day with mental illness. But within our community there is also the same ugly stigma against mental illness that exists in the outside world.
"The Museum of the Broken is a place where we refuse to let the shame or fear of judgement force us to lie or hide the pain we live with every day. A heartfelt and powerful exhibit of artifacts and art where mental illness is acknowledged as real and valid where we are finally allowed to say: "We are here. We are alive. We are fighting every day. We matter."
The Museum of the Broken will be a small art gallery approximately 16ft long by 10ft wide much like a room in a museum. Inside the gallery there will be clear acrylic boxes mounted on the wall, each box will contain a single "artifact" a material object contributed by a member of the community who lives with mental illness or mental health struggles.

10. American Standard by Nedley

Artist statement: "Metahouse is obsessed with the alchemical process of turning shit into gold or in this case turning gold into shit. Metahouse uses the kernel of a bad idea to foster an encounter with the uncanny. Metahouse is serious about its unseriousness and unserious about its seriousness. We strive to make the biggest shittiest bestest crap. All that said we offer a fun space for playful transgression."

"Maximalist toilet bowl at a .083:1 scale (11'x14'x16') constructed out of wood and plastic filled with plush pillows. It will feature 350 cubic feet of plush area to fulfill your deepest freudian fantasies. There will also be a large viewing platform in the tank of the toilet. We will have a sound component that allows people to use the toilet and flush it via a sound system."
" (Metahouse brought the maximalist salad bowl in 2016.)"
Metahouse is serious about its unseriousness and unserious about its seriousness.

11. Gatto della Verità by brice

Artist Statement: I am delighted by the the superstition theme this year and I want to create something that truly delights other people. Working in mosaics is a joy for me and I love the idea of making a large-scale piece covered in cursed broken mirror. I wanted to do this piece simply as a playful way to address superstitions. In the name I'm making obvious reference to the Bocca della Verità sculpture in Rome and daring people to put their hand in the mouth.

Not only is mirror very interactive (people love their reflections!) it also blends into a natural environment well. I promised people who gave me their broken mirror that it would help mitigate their bad luck. :-)
I'm a graphic designer by trade (I created the SOAK survival guides and woven wristbands for the past several years) and I also create mosaic art. I was inspired by the superstition theme this year to make a GIANT (5' x 4' x 40" deep) cat head covered in broken mirror. Once the sculpting phase is complete I will use a mosaic technique to cover the cat with pieces of broken mirror that I have already collected (from free piles and through 'buy nothing' networks) and cut into tesserae.
A sign with instructions (lit up at night) will allow people to choose how to engage with the cat in order to avoid bad luck (example: jump in place 13 times and meow). When folks put their hand in the cats mouth not only will the eyes light up they may find a gift.
Sparkle Motion

12. Stoicheia-Elements by Szafranski & Banks/Lumina Lab

Stoicheia [ELEMENTS] is an homage to Earth’s earliest thinkers particularly Plato and Euclid merging modern technology with the very foundations of mathematics and dedicating it to the culture from which modern academia was born. A perfect dodecahedron each side depicting the iconography of one of the Twelve Olympians centered in a stained-glass rosary design this four-foot hanging lantern will be lit from inside with 2000+ morphing LEDs. Just as mathematics are universal and unchanging the geometric designs on each face will remain the same and much like the higher vibrations of life the LEDs under the surface will be constantly changing and flowing making each moment under Stoicheia [ELEMENTS] totally unique. Digital stained-glass Stoicheia [ELEMENTS] combines classic antiquity with the state-of-the-art technology through the common thread of geometry. In the reflections of each of the deities we find reflections of ourselves.
As every side of the dodecahedron has a unique design the piece is meant to be experienced from all sides with people standing around sitting around or laying underneath the installation. Stoicheia [ELEMENTS] was designed to be enjoyed for hours with the the images and colors sparking great dialog and fun moods. We want people to stay to cuddle to zone out or be social to have their moment with the piece and to feel inspired and in awe. It's very very hypnotizing. The code was written to trigger alpha waves and stimulate the mind.
Please explode page...

13. Frock on Wood by Stoneburg

Artist Statement: I would not consider myself an artist. I am a logical thinking person not that these two are exclusive but have a difficult time visualizing things that aren't already present. I work for a living and in my spare time refinish antique furniture. Since doing so I have been able to think outside of my normal box and create new pieces. With the Frock on Wood piece I was looking for both beauty and function.
"Like many others I'm tired of throwing my lovely fur playa coat onto the ground. This year I will be bringing pyramid coat racks painted by local artists. They will serve as both coat racks and light beacons for nearby porter potty hubs. I have created 4 stands- 3 of which are 4' tall and 1 is 6' tall all are roughly 2' wide at base. They are made out of 1/2" plywood 4"x4"s and are attached with zipties along the edges. A hole at the top of the 4x4 will support an umbrella wrapped in LEDs."

14. Temple to Valhalla by PORTLAND TEMPLE CREW LOCAL 523

Artist Statement: "Temple to Valhalla is a wrecked Viking ship. Óski ~ in old Norse roughly translates to "Wish fulfiller". In Norse mythology a valkyrie (Old Norse valkyrja "chooser of the slain") is one of a host of female figures who choose who will win or die in battle. The valkyries bring their chosen who have died bravely in battle to the afterlife hall of the slain, Valhalla, ruled over by the god Odin where the deceased warriors become Einherjar ("lone fighters") to prepare for Ragnarök ("the final destiny of the gods"). Valkyries also appear as lovers of human beings and heroes where they are sometimes described as the daughters of royalty.

The ship includes 13 shields 5 along each side two at the back and one that will be placed inside on top of the pyre platform. Each shield will be decorated with a constellation and an art design each of which will be outsourced (art-sourced?) to crew and community members. The 13th shield will be removed before the burn as part of the ceremony and passed on to another art project.

This transient space is created out of the need & will of the community providing to some they would consider a ‘sacred space’ and for others simply a place to step into for a quick rest on their journey a quiet and momentary reflection and maybe stepping away having gained some new insight or perspective that gets you to the next point in your day or in your life.

The sail will be constructed of strips of muslin with LED light strips sandwiched between them programmed for continuously-shifting color patterns. The muslin strips will alternate with strands of small mirrors which will catch and reflect light and color.


15. Porta Party Experience (PPE) by Ray

"Artist Statement: Using upcycled material I will decorate the Porta Potties. I will keep them clean and stocked.I will fill them with interactive thingys and visually stimulating jazz. I will light them at night. I will bring awareness to our societies waste problem. And I will have fun.. of course."

"It's like stepping inside a Kaleidoscope every time you go pee!"
"PPE is an art project that raises the respect level of the bathrooms. This year I will be using mostly recyclable/upcycled material to raise awareness to the tremendous amount of waste we produce (Pun intended). My hopes are that by decorating/lighting/stocking the potties that there will be a greater respect level than what we traditionally see when people are left to their own devices."

16. Sky Light by pitzer

"Artist Statement: It's a color shifting chandelier that hangs from above you while you watch it from below...Hanging it from the barn with cables and chain similar to last year but a little more streamlined ... and (hopefully) interactive via a control panel."

You'll be able to add your own colors to the piece!

17. Black Rock Observatory by Newhouse

Artist Statement: I consider the cosmos to be the artist. I am but a portal. There is no greater thrill than to watch someone experience the rings of Saturn or the moons of Jupiter and say "Oh Wow!"

"Black Rock Observatory is a mobile astronomical observatory showing people the wonders of the cosmos as numerous festivals and events. We bring a number of telescopes and operators that work well into the wee hours. We brought some scopes last year and by all accounts it was wildly popular. However a number of people didn't even realize we were there."

"This year we would like to increase our visibility by bringing a model of the dome we set up at Burning Man outfitted with flashy blinky things to attract more stargazers and additional scopes and operators to keep the lines from getting too long."
Self-operated scopes binoculars and the inevitable intense discussion about our place in the universe will ensue.

18. ANANSI Dome by Gujral

Artist Statement: I have dreamed of building a chill space since burning man 2013 where some of my fondest memories involve happening across chill spaces and getting into deep conversations with friends old and new. I took many a nap in random hammocks and hoped that one day I could return the favor. My goal is for this to be a continuous project that I improve on and bring back to soak every year as well as burning man and other events. For this reason I am focusing on building with parts that can be repurposed and are durable against harsh conditions.

The Dome is contained within a covered enclosed 17 foot geodesic dome constructed out of EMT Conduit. Inside will be a light display containing approximately 720-810 addressable LEDs in the shape of a 7 petal flower origination from the center of the roof. The lights will be diffused with a translucent material either acrylic panels or a thin fabric. They will primarily be various colors although certain patterns may utilize white lights.A series of microcontrollers will drive the lights as well as various sensors such as audio light and video sensors. There will also be a panel of 10 buttons to directly allow for modification of the visual output by a passerby. Along the interior circumference will be approximately 4 single hammocks at ground level connected to multiple struts on each end to evenly distribute weight. Signage is going to restrict climbing of the structure for the sake of safety and protecting the equipment. I will be speaking with friends with experience with cuddle spaces to gain some insight and best practices to maximize clear transparent communication .


19. The procession by [redacted]

Artist Statement: We are revelers bringing a touch of darkness and folklore.
"It's a secret masked parade. I bring the various masks costumes and props and all participants will gather in secret to prepare."
"I am looking to purchase more hooded cloaks, more lights, chains and basic mask making supplies. The number of participants in last year's March was more than double the prior year's and this was made possible via an art grant. This year I am aiming for an even larger cast of characters. It's a communal effort to put this thing on each year; many of the participants come from other camps or staff. We're militant regarding leave no trace and radical self expression."

20. Flamethrower Chandelier & Dragon Twist Chandelier by ramage

Artist Statement: In 2012 I went to my first Burning Man and discovered a world of art where giant metal contraptions belched fire and tesla coils played video game theme songs. Three story sculptures had lighting effects that reacted to your input on a tablet and fascinating structures that could be climbed on, controlled or otherwise interacted with. Sculpture designed to be played with rather than simply observed.The experiences, inspiration and connection these art pieces could facilitate shook me. Seeing what was possible in fire and LED art I knew I had found my medium. I knew I had to learn how to weld and how to wield fire and electronics to create whimsical experiences that are hopefully beautiful at the least magical and wonder inspiring at best and above all else just plain fun.Two years later I built the Flamethrower Chandelier my first flame effect and my first piece of installation art. I’ve been building or collaborating on installation art for the festival scene ever since. Attention to detail and interactivity are big focuses in my work and I strive to create art that can be played with and experienced in a participatory manner as well as being aesthetically beautiful.

[The artist at play.]
“The Flamethrower Chandelier” is a 5-arm chandelier with LEDs and a bowl of fire on each arm. When pulled a chain with a crystal handle can be ‘played’ in short poofs or long blasts of pyrotechnics to illuminate the landscape. Inspired by the gasoliers of the 1800s but also incorporating modern technology the Flamethrower Chandelier is part steampunk part cyberpunk and part percussion instrument marrying mankind's oldest light source with our latest innovation.
The Dragon Twist Chandelier is an ornate wrought iron and aluminum chandelier with 6 arms each holding a 2 foot tall 4 inch wide quartz tube containing a fire tornado. Built using traditional scrollwork the chandelier is primarily renaissance in style but incorporates fire tornadoes for a dramatic juxtaposition of modern technology and traditional styling.

21. Slow Camera Photobooth by Gleason

Artist Statement: Modern life is often a mediated experience. People record their activities for posting on social media or later remembering occasionally experiencing an event solely through the lens of a literal lens. While this trend is popularly decried as a lack of immediacy in interacting with the "real" world I postulate that this is not always a bad thing. There are many ways to experience this firehose of raw sensation we call the world and deliberately establishing a hyperfocus on a limited set of sensations is a valid strategy. In fact it can be argued that the human experience of consciousness is built upon this filtering strategy and that it was required for us to survive in an evolutionary sense. Recording pictures and/or video of one's experiences can be intentionally directed toward this sense of focus that can shape one's memories or experiences in the world. I first came up with the idea of calling my easel my "slow camera" on the playa in 2013. I was making landscape paintings of various pieces of art as they were being constructed. In several cases I gave the paintings to the builders. I realized that I was "taking pictures" much like many of the participants. The only difference was that my "camera" was a bit slower and by spending more time on each image I engaged more took in more details and remembered more. I ended up with far fewer pictures however. The leap from "Slow Camera" to Slow Camera Photobooth was as natural as an immature linguistic pun. Once I thought of it I had to do it. Many of the same insights regarding the intentionality of the mediated experience apply.

SlowCamera Photobooth is conceptually related to an old-timey photobooth in that people drop by sit posing in silly ways get their picture taken and take it home with them. The difference is that they get painted instead of photographed.

(Video by Ben Dantoni)

Chime things. Chime stuff

22. Lazer Limbo by Nabors

(Quest for Kaos)

Artist Statement:"I am with a small art group and it is my vision to represent them and out group motto "Its not art until they play with it." All of our projects are intended to be played with by visitors so that they can interact and be apart of the art display."

"Participants will come upon an gate and realize that a beam of light obstructs their path. When passing through a horrid noise will let them now that they have failed the test to pass through this gate. Once they realize the nature of this gate they may challenge their friends to see who can pass through this limbo laser gate at various difficulties of height. Dimensions: 6.5 feet tall 56 inches wide 4 feet deep."
Chimes want a nap

23. platform of fortune by almana

Artist Statement: "The platform are part of over-all Quest of KOAS. the project is 4 pieces of platform with two interactive. 1-people will sit stand dance and play with. 2- players would roll the dice to to complete a quest. dim. 2'x2'x1' with different colors. contain of wood, springs and paint"

"this is a project started in June by students. and it have been developed with the months as students change their vision.this vision does not end at soak it will be carried on after words for students to exhibit in other events"

Chimmy chime coffee time

24. Interdimensional Mirror by Ensley

"Artist statement: well Youve seen my work =) i would like to bring it again i just cant afford to do it for free again this year like i did 2016..."

"its around 22ft by 12ft screen full of visuals that run all night long and are completely interactive. [Funds will cover] larger screen depending on funding and of course reinforcement last year i lost an entire mount structure do to heavy winds."
"Fully immersive interactive avatar projected on larger than life scale"

25. Center of the World Dome BY Lemanczyk

Artist Statement; "The Center of the Earth Dome the connection between Heaven and Earth offers each visitor a mystical opportunity to physically and energetically pass through each of the seven chakras. Each Chakra is represented by a color and at each color visitors are invited to take place in activities suggested for balancing their own chakra energies. The culmination at the center of the dome (crown chakra) and surrounded by light is a place for engaging in healing energy work. Meditation and peacefulness exploring futures through tarot readings and magic 8-balls accessing a special wish message and building relationships are sample envisioned happenings. Although there will be gentle offerings ultimately each visitors is on their own path and ultimately creates their own experience. We hope that the atmosphere throughout the Center of The Earth Dome experience through colors lights sound and ambience will enhance healing create joy and build loving community."

"The Center of the Earth Dome is 21' in diameter with colored fabric panels of the seven chakras that are back lit with LED lights and will have an ambient glow that fit within the structure."
chimey sparklez

26. CraneCart by KHARTAM

Artist Statement- tl;dr: A small cart with unfolding side tables will wander around the event to engage participants in making origami cranes.

"The cart itself will be around 3' tall be bottom-balanced and big-wheeled to deal with the terrain and will have two "wings" that can be unfolded and have legs attached to make an expanded table on which participants are invited to make paper cranes. Cranemaking diagrams will be printed/modpodged onto the top of the table and Tree will be on hand for demonstration and guidance...I am specifically very excited to bring this project in the year of Superstition. There is an obvious connection in the story about getting a wish for folding 1000 cranes. I believe it especially important in today's world to also pass along the details of that story; Sadako Sasaki was two years old when Hiroshima was bombed and folded the cranes as she died of radiation-related leukemia at 12 years old. The USA dropped those bombs. I believe that we have a grave responsibility to remember what this country is capable of."

"Origami's origins are Japanese and the cranes have a certain significance as mentioned above. Origami is also an art that is specifically intended to bring people together through the sharing of techniques both simple and elaborate and its dissemination is not considered to be problematic or appropriative."
How will your project exemplify some/all of the Burning Man 10 Principles? "By including people in a radical community to gift them decommodified immediate experiences that will leave no trace. With their consent of course."

27. Lazer Raptor Maze by tucker

(Quest for KAOS)

Artist Statement: "I will be a representative for a group of students whose vision was to provide an interactive event for people of all ages to enjoy.I want to help people connect with different forms of technology and experience how fun mobile and creative laser optic technology. I want to provide an immersible experience for others to enjoy and share."

An interactive maze of lasers for users of all ages. Mystical mist rises from fog machines and allows users to see and dodge ten feet of lasers. This is a evening/night event. Those who complete the maze without breaking a laser beam and setting off the alarm receive a Token for feats from the Quest for Kaos. Lasers and refractor mirrors are attached to PVC tubing frame. Lasers are controlled by a programed Arduino UNO and powered by battery. Fabric netting around frame will help to contain the non-toxic mythical fog. LED will light the exterior and guide people to the maze.

28. Ghost Lighting by Cassady

(Quest for KAOS)

Artist Statement: The Ghost Light Project is a supplementary facet to the Playground for Quest for KAOS. This project's goal is provide ambient lighting to the Playground lighting to its equipment and wearable lighting to Playground participants. Ambient lighting provides atmosphere and necessary illumination for safe navigation equipment lighting will bolster Playground safety and providing wearable lighting acts as both a counter-darkwad measure and a simple activity for participants. Ambient lights include solar garden lights that charge in the day and provide all night-light. Equipment lights consists of LED strings that are wrapped around the various Playground attractions while wearables are also LED strings but can be worn in forms of necklaces bracelets etc. while playing the Quest for KAOS role-playing game. While the Ghost Light Project is not the main attraction for the Playground it is absolutely essential to Playground operations.

Our group - the Quest for KAOS - believes the highest level of expression is interaction. The Quest for KAOS achieves this via interactive art pieces conglomerately known as The Playground. The Quest for KAOS doesn’t believe it’s art until they play with it and play with it they shall. The Playground features a trike ballistas, platforms, archery, laser mazes and more.

The mists are parting. the seance has concluded. The flame has been passed to you.

SOAK's art grant admins wish to thank the 10 voting-members of this year's peer review squad. (& the 7 voting members of the scholarship peer review <3 ) Thanks for your participation & HeArt!
Spikey Ikey - Tony Rieker
Thank you anonymous donors, Precipitation Northwest, SOAK LLC, and artists!

(Chandelier by Lillie Stinson & Josh Gambin. Image by Sepia.)

Zen Generator by Banks, A Tim Jones creation & infinitium de treehaus by Portland CORE.
Questions or image credit corrections?
Transitional Elements by Enquist/Greer/Broulett, Spinning Disks by Stroffengard, @pperizer Burn by @pparatus & Party in a Box by Luna.

Knock on wood :)

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