Ancient China

Shang Dynasty

Lasted from 1766-1122 BC and the ruler was named King Tang. The Shang was the first dynasty of Ancient China.

Zhou Dynasty

Lasted 800 years , the ruler was Zhou Wu. One fact was the Zhou was the longest lasting dynasty. They used oracle bones and coins.

Qin Dynasty

Lasted from 221 BC-207 AD and the ruler was Shi Huang. They had legalism and very harsh rules. The Great Wall was built during this time. When Shi Huang died, 6,000 terracotta soldiers protected his tomb.

Han Dynasty

Was 400 years long. The first emperor was Liu Bang and the fifth was Wudi. One important aspect of the Han was the Silk Road. They used silk and other exports for monopoly so the emperor could gain money.

Achievements of Ancient China

-mold board





-Great Wall

-oracle bones

-bronze metalworking

-wood block prints

-ping porcelain





The three philosophies of Ancient China were Daoism, Legalism, and Confucianism. Some of the differences is that Daoism did not have a god/idol, Confucianism was based on teachings, and in Legalism everyone is bad . They also worshipped their late ancestors. Daoism also incorporates the Ying Yang as the two forces.

Social Structure

The social structure of China: emperors, farmers/artisans, merchants, and slaves. There are layers of government on each level.


The land consists of rivers, deserts, and various mountain ranges. Many people traveled by water or land. China was isolated by the Plateau of Tibet , the Gobi Desert, the Himalayan Mountains, the Taklamaken Desert, and the seas that surround it.

by. Taylor Decker


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