Dylan .T. Brown photography 1

Rule of thirds

This picture utilizes the rule of thirds and contains strong details. The focal point of this picture is the bird landing into the puddle. If you divide the picture into thirds both vertical and horizontal it makes a grid that the rule of thirds use. The puddle in the picture lines up with the inner lines of the grid. The bird that is landing is in the top right corner of the middle grid the and that line follows the yellow pole in the puddle and out of the puddle. The second focal point in the two birds bathing in the puddle then it leads to the outline of the puddle. The contrast in between the concrete and the reflective surface of the water really makes it pop in the picture. In the background there are redlines that stick out. This picture has a good look into the life of birds in a small town.

Leading Lines

This picture is using leading lines. The rode is the main focus in this picture the road is leading up a small hill but in the picture it looks like it is going on forever. The tree’s are covering the road over the top so it looks like you are kinda going down a tunnel. With the spacing from the tree’s it helps the eye stay on the road it doesn't drift off to the side of the road to a tree it stays on the road. The dark line in the middle of the road is staying steady so it seems like another leading line. The road in this picture are rolling up and down the hill as if you are getting ready to go on a sunday drive


This macro picture is of a small hole in the rubber ground at the middle school playground. With the macro seting with this picture you can see all of the shredded rubber and all of the markes that it made when it was ripped out. This picture has not been edited i felt like it should not have the need to be edited.


I took this picture and made it two layered so then I could keep the color so I could make the paint on the wood stick out. This picture is like a leading line with the color of the wood going to the light grey wall of the store. The leafs of the bush on the left side hanging over the bord.


In this picture the model has shadowing on the left side of her face the light is coming from the right of the picture. There was a warm reflector coming from the right highlighting her hair. The background was cloned and smudged so smooth it out.

Still life

This picture I took with of a small model ship and tissue paper placed as water. the background was a wooden desk so I made it darker so it would seem like a starless night sky. The lighting of this picture was the normal classroom lighting. I added extra shadowing to the masts of the ship.

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