Viewmont Elementary Science & Engineering Fair

Science & Engineering Fair

All students are invited to participate. Kindergarten-4th grade is non-competitive and competitive for grades 5-6. To participate, students will conduct a science experiment or engineering project and make a project board to display their findings. They will also need to participate in a student interview with a judge.

Registration Form

Students must declare their intent to participate by completing an entry form, due December 20th. They can pick up a display board at the front office once they turn in their registration form. PTA is requesting a $1.00 donation for each board.

K-4th Registration Form

5th-6th Registration Form

Important Dates

  • Project Entry Form: Due Dec 20th
  • Projects: Due Jan 15. Students can store their boards and completed guides (where applicable) in their classrooms. At the end of school, students will then setup their boards in the cafeteria for the Fair that evening.
  • Viewmont Science & Engineering Fair for Families: Jan 15, 500-600 PM.
  • Judging: Jan 16, beginning of school day, time to be determined.
  • Murray School District Science Fair (Hillcrest Jr High): Jan 23 - 5th & 6th grade winners only
  • University of Utah Science & Engineering Fair: Mar 12-14 - District winners only

Decide on a Project

Investing in a topic can be the hardest part of the project. Being a parent or teacher with a limited science background can be intimidating when you’re trying to support your child/student. For this reason, the University of Utah has created weekly videos to help you, help your child succeed. Learn more by subscribing here

Here is a website that shares Science Fair Project Ideas where you can filter by grade level (K-5th)

Here is another website that has a questionnaire the student completes and it will find projects based on their interests

Examples of what students have done in past fairs at the University

Choose a research method to follow

Decide which method to follow: The Scientific Method or the Engineering Design Process. Then use the appropriate following guide to see your child through the process.

Review the Rules

  1. One entry per student. Projects can be done by an individual, or a team of 3 students maximum.
  2. Students should follow the Scientific Method or Engineering Design Process when conducting their research.
  3. All projects will be presented on a 3-sided display board available at the office with a request for $1.00 donation or purchase at your local office supply store. Dimensions of the unfolded display board should not be greater than 36" in height, and 48” wide, and stand alone. You can get more information about display boards here: Display Board Tips.
  4. Each student will need to clearly explain his or her project and what they learned to a judge. Please practice this beforehand.
  5. Adults can help; in fact we encourage it. Look here for tips on how to help children with their project without doing it for them.
  6. A project journal (or completed guide shared above) is not required for grades K-4th, but encouraged. It is required for 5th and 6th grade students who desire to compete at the district and region level.
  7. Your name, teacher and grade must be on the BACK of your display board.
  8. See additional rules provided by the University of Utah related to safety and project display requirements Things NOT to DO.
  9. For 5th and 6th grade students that want to be competitive at the District and University level, here are some Projects to Avoid.

Come to the Meetups

Every Thursday (starting December 6th) , PTA will host an after school Science & Engineering Fair meetup for parents and students that need help with their projects. During these meetups we will spend a few minutes teaching the children a topic that correlates to where they should be at in their project. The remaining time will be spent working answering questions and helping them with their projects.

What to Expect at the Science & Engineering Fair

  • Students will bring in their completed display boards and their experiment log or packet (where applicable) to school on Jan 15th. They will store their display boards in their classrooms until after school where they will set them up in the cafeteria. That evening at 5:00 PM-6:00 PM, we will host the Fair for families to have fun exploring the projects! This is a good time for students to practice giving their presentation. They will be judged the next day.
  • The following day (Jan. 16), judging will take place at the school, time TBD. Students will present their projects (without their parents). Students should come prepared to clearly explain their project and what they learned to a judge.
  • 5th-6th grader winners will be able to compete at the Murray School District Science Fair (Hillcrest Jr High): Jan 23
  • If any of our students win at the District level they will be able to compete at the University of Utah - more details will come later.


If you have questions and your child is in 5th or 6th grade reach out to their teacher. If you have questions and your child is in 4th grade or younger reach out to our PTA volunteers - Brittany Roller rollermom5@gmail.com, Teresa Koontz teresakoontz801@gmail.com


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