Spring Yellowstone 2019 Trip Report - Tom Bol Photo Workshops

Spring in Yellowstone National Park is the perfect time to photograph baby bison and both types of bear. We started our workshop in the Lamar Valley with a morning of wildlife.
Glenn and Kim working a sow with three cubs at Tower
Myron with his new 500PF lens from Nikon
We found herds of bison with babies all over the north side of the park. With plenty of green grass for the mothers, it was not hard to get close enough for great photos.
A new born takes his first few steps
We photographed Tower Falls at slow shutter speeds and took a moment to capture a yellow rumped warbler.
An afternoon at Porcelain Basin in diffuse light - time for landscapes.
Eric and Mary Ellen getting low to capture the full scene
Brilliant colored bacteria
On our way back to Gardiner, we stopped by the side of the road to photograph these two grizzlies. The bears in the meadow made for a perfect environmental scene. Meadow photo by Glenn May
Grizzly sow
Kim with her big glass
The next day we headed to Canyon to photograph the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
Omar dressed for chilly temperatures in the high country
The last morning shoot in the Lamar Valley had everything from fresh snow to sunshine. The 3200 bison that live there all seemed to be grazing and frolicking in front of us....
Robyn with her new Nikon Z6
Yellowstone's Lamar Valley - the Serengeti of North America
Our adventurers on the Spring 2019 Yellowstone Workshop

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Tom and Cree Bol, Glenn May

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