French Revolution By: Natalie Abundez

What caused the French Revolution

The French Revolution was caused by two major reasons. One of those main points was national debt. The king was in denial that his nation was in debt. He continued to spend lavishly on himself and his personal benefits. Causing his nation to be in hunger. Throughout the nation was hunger and though most people did not have enough to eat the king always had food on his plate.

Due to natural disasters the food supply was short in France. Crops were ruined and food supplies were low. Most people in France at the time didn't have much to eat and were working hard for their food but without any trouble the king would always have a meal to eat.

A big part of the revolution was caused by the inequality within the people of France. France was broken into three estates. The king of France made it so two out of the three estates didn't have to pay taxes only having the third estate pay their taxes and those of the first and second estate. All three estates have one vote each and most of the time the first and second estates would team together out voting the third estate.

Napoleon Bonaparte: hero or villain

In my point of view Napoleon Bonaparte was a hero. He fought many battles to keep the peace for his people. Napoleon had great political skill which led to the new constitution that created the position of the first consul. Under his direction Napoleon turned his reforms to other areas in the country, including its economy, legal system,and education.

He instituted the Napoleonic Code, which forbade privileges based on birth, allowed freedom of religion and stated that government jobs must be given to the most qualified. Internationally, he negotiated a European peace. Even when he was exiled he saw how France was struggling without him and escaped the island he was on to come back and regain his power. Even won a battle right after he came back to power.

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