Argon By maia lummus

Argon symbol

Argon founded

Willam Ramsay
John William Strutt (Lord Rayleigh)

These two are the the two founders of the element Argon. They discovered it in 1894 while in


Arc welding
Vacuum tubes
Agron in lightbulbs
Growing silicon crystals
Argon is also used for the blanket to protect titianium
Fun facts about argon

1. Argon takes up 1.28% of the earths atmosphere

2. Argon is colorless, nontoxix, and also odorless

3. Argon was the first ever noble gas to be discovered

5 physical properties

Density: 1.78.10 -3gcm to -3 0 degrees celcius

Melting point: -189 degree celcius

Boiling Point: -185.7 degree celcius



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