See what's changing! THe Journey from Ministry studies program to School of ministry

Welcome to our "transition site". This simple site is dedicated to helping you understand and navigate the changes to the "Ministry Studies Program" offered by the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Check back often as we will be adding fresh content consistently throughout this season of change.

Why all the change?

That's a great question!

We are rebranding our office in order to expand our service to more and more churches and developing leaders. We are launching a new website and a new student learning portal in order to improve current students learning experience. This site is dedicated to helping you navigate these changes.

Change 1: A Rebranded Office and a new program name

We're rebranding our office. Meet the "Alliance Center for Leadership Development"!

More videos coming....stay tuned!

Let's stay in touch

Questions or concerns? Give us a call at 877-584-3262.


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