Media TV Make Harvey Smith

Application for Camera Operator:

Dear Mr Williamson,

I am applying for the role of one of the camera operators. I have had a lot of experience with a camera. I was the cinematographer for my Horror/Thriller unit. I know how to operate a camera and its settings. I have used lights to manipulate and create the directors ideal type of shot. I will work with the other camera operators to create and clearly show the audience the subject of the show. Two years ago, for Mad week I went on the Film-Pro course and we created the movie "Survivors", This gave me experience in the film industry. When I did this course i worked with the cinematographers when operating the clapper board. A few weeks ago, for Mad week i went on the Digital Photography course. Here, this taught me to use cameras to a higher standard. I have had a lot of experience with a camera and i feel that i can further develop my skills as a Camera Operator if i get this role.

Yours Sincerely,

Harvey Smith

Cannot open pages in Google Classroom, so i did not get my desired Role.

Research on Production Sound Mixer:

Our make is on youtube, and can be widely accessed by many people who wish to view this. We could post this on vimeo, for an even bigger potential audience, and also through the use of social media, (Facebook, Twitter) to help us make this reach our target audience. Using the information gathered by our qualitative research into the habits of millennials, we see that a lot more people use snapchat to Facebook. This could mean that along with sharing it on Facebook and Twitter, we can also tell people about it and give them a teaser for the make in a small video on Snapchat. The TV show: Rick and Morty, also uses teasers and social media to share new things. Instagram allows people to post short videos, and livestream along with Facebook and this could be another use of the 'teaser' method. We are also relying on people to use WhatsApp to directly message their friends with the bubble make and share it.

The Final Make: - What went well: As a group we were able to organise and plan the Make well. This allowed us on the day to know what we were doing and when. This let the Final Make, run pretty smoothly as we had a good script, and an organised group. There were some technical issues, such as the microphone and ear piece were not working. We realised that we did not really need the ear piece and our floor manager could just direct and point to where our presenter should look. Although we were quite organised, the time it took to set up the equipment and rehearse, almost made us run out of time. Overall, i think we did ok, but i do not really like the final product and i think we could improve on this a lot.

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