How was your holiday and what did you do ?

My holiday was pretty good, I got money and a lot of clothes. My birthday is three days after Christmas so i always get a lot of things. My friends and I planned a trip for my birthday to go to Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas. We planned to go from the first to the third of January. I payed for everybody that was going. It was my dad Devon his brother Derek Isaac Daniel Angelo and Sean. We all had an amazing time and we broke the games to get tokens on "accident".


What is the most trouble you have given your parents ? What is the most enjoyment you have ever given them ?

The most trouble I have ever gotten into with my parents would have to be or I don't really know. I haven't really been in big trouble or anything. The most trouble i have gotten in would be when I ran away... I'm just kidding I've never ran away. The joy I have brought to them would probably be when I cleaned the house for them.


Does writing help express your feelings ?

Yes, writing can help express your feelings because you can write about how you feel and express your emotions in your writing. That's why some people have diaries to express how they feel and share their emotions.


What dream can you conceive ? Can you believe it ? Can you achieve it ?

You can believe in a goal to try to accomplish and if you believe and if you believe in yourself you'll be able to accomplish it with hard work and time. You just have to believe in yourself and know that you can do it. You can't doubt yourself, you have be confident.


What are your plans for the three day weekend ?

I am probably going to watch the cowboys game and stay home because I'm not feeling good but it's just allergies. I might play ps4 or something.


How do you decide if you like someone ? How do you show interest in them ?

You can decide if you like someone on how they speak to you and how they approach you whether it's in a friendly way or a mean way. You can show interest in them by talking to them more but in a friendly way.


Have you ever "passed on a kindness"?

Yes, like one time a man gave me all of his tickets at a arcade but I didn't really need them so I gave them to a little boy that didn't have tickets.


Who is your biggest fan ?

No one really it's not like I'm famous or something. Never mind I re-read the question and realized what it was asking and my biggest fan would probably be like family and friends and everything because they are there for me.


What do you love most about yourself ? What do others love about you ?

I love that I'm very calm and don't really get mad or anything so I don't have to deal with drama and stuff. I'm pretty sure others love me because I'm nice and calm and funny and I give good advice. I'm pretty sure there's more things but I don't really know.


What do you love most about yourself ? What do other love about you ?

Pretty much the same thing I answered last time which would be that I'm calm and chill and funny and really try to get along with everyone. Not all people like me though I just assume that they don't like me because I'm a very like able person I think. I usually get along with most people because I don't really like to be mean and hurt people's feelings.


How do you see yourself ? How do you think others see you ?

I see myself as calm and nice and funny. Most people see me as the same thing and athletic and good at giving advice and stuff. I think the way people see me is the way I actually am and don't just make assumptions about me. I'm close to a lot of people and they trust me with their personal life and sharing their problems with me.


Do you treat people as they are ? or as they ought to be ?

I try to treat people they way they want to be treated but I'll try to push and encourage them to achieve their goals and be to their full abilities. So they can better themselves and find their full potential. Like in football I try to push people to their full abilities to improve and become a better athlete and a better person because they will be used to that work ethic of pushing themselves to their limits. So when life gets hard they won't give up they'll just keep trying.


How were you taught to tell the truth ?

I was taught that when you tell the truth you'll have a better life and you'll do what's right. Sometimes it can make you a better person just by doing the right thing and telling the truth. Plus I would get in trouble when I didn't tell the truth and that will most likely happen when you're an adult too.


Have your parents ever practiced "long division" on you and your friends ?

I don't really understand the question but I don't think so and I don't know why the font changed either. So they have not done that to me and my friends or at least that I can remember. Oh and never mind about the font I figured it out. My friendships are open to everyone because I don't like bullying or treat people different.


When has a friend opened up a whole new world for you ?

Probably well I don't really know because most of my guy friends don't really talk to me like share their problems but me and Devon are pretty close and Angelo. I've had a girl best friend and we talked all the time and she shared all of her problems with me and everything but she got a boyfriend and stopped talking to me out of no where so yeah that happened. So now her and I don't even talk like at all but it's cool.


What is the most important advice you have ever received ?

I don't really know because a lot of people have given me advice like my friends, coaches, etc. My football coaches would probably be the people I look up to the most because they've given me the most advice and lectures. But it's not so much about I'm doing something bad they just give all of us advice daily to teach us how to become a better football player and a better man and person. I've really listened to what they've been telling us and it's impacted my life in a huge way that I can benefit from and learn from.


What was the stupidest thing you have ever done ? Did someone persuade you to do it ?

The stupidest thing I've done would have to be sign up for this class...just kidding. Hmm the stupidest thing I've done would be uh maybe jump off the roof onto a trampoline. My friends persuaded me to do it because they said if I did it first then they would do it. I hit the trampoline and then flew off and hit the ground but I was fine. Another stupid thing I've done now that I think about it, is at my friends house he has a loft and I jumped from the loft onto the couch well I didn't really jump because we were all fighting and Angelo and I fell of onto the couch on the bottom in the living room.


What are you going to do on the three day weekend ?

I will probably just clean my room because it's dirty. I'll also probably play ps4 or something I'm not really sure yet. I may just stay home and watch Netflix or something. As of now I don't really have anything specific or exciting that I know of for the weekend.


What do you wish you knew then that you know now ?

I wish I knew to focus on my grades and have a better work ethic. I wish i wouldn't procrastinate as much and study more. I shouldn't stress as much over little things. Just things to make my life easier and better


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