Canadian resource Production Mining By:abshir

What is Mining?

Mining is a primary industry and it uses the extraction method to get its natural resources some of them include (diamond,coal,iron,gold,copper) those are just some examples. They extract the minerals and transport them to whoever or whatever company has bought them. Then the company's make products out of them and sell it to other company's who produce it to customers. After that has happened they use the product and either dispose of it or give it away.

How much money does it give Canada's economy?

in 2014 Mining helped make $57 billion. The minerals accounted for 44.7 billion which is a decrease only because of what they had to use to extract the minerals. Over the last decade the Mining industry in Canada has used approximately 71 billion dollars from the government. They export to every part of Canada that is available. Canada has the third most Mining suppliers just around 3,200. The mining industry earns a lot of money because you can't artificially make the products or grow it through agriculture.

How do they get they're resource?What products do they make to sell?

like i stated in the first slide Mining industries use the extracting method by going under ground and removing the minerals. mining itself is split into two categories surface and sub-surface. Surface mining is done by removing dirt and excess bed rock than going under ground to do something called open-pit mining which is a form of mining but just easier they recover minerals like (sand,clay and stone). Sub-surfing mining consists of going further underground and building tunnels. the miners remove huge chunks of hard rock and coal then move it upwards for the extraction part, it's where they put pressure onto the rock and coal to take out the minerals. they don't always do it for the coal the sometimes keep the coal. They usually get they're resources from the Canadian shield and Appalachian mountains this is because of the hard rock and coal that covers those lands. They sell many things in this industry but the main ones would be the ones that get the most attention and money such as (diamond,coal,iron,gold,copper). Due to the safety of workers throughout these past years it hasn't been easy to get the products because they have to dig deeper and deeper each time.

Where do they send products?How many people work in the industry? Trade?

Canada sends products to many places but the main one is America only because how easy it is to access them and give them the products. They use trucks most of the time to send they're products since the products are heavy they try to send it up north in USA. In 2013 418,000 people in Canada were employed with jobs in the mining industry the population of Canada is 36 million and for one field of work for there to be 418,000 is incredible it proves that there's a reason why were so good at it. we could also have many jobs for mining because we have so many products.Canada doesn't always trade they mostly sell and buy , but Canada use to trade everything.

Issues/ Problems?Environmental?

Mining isn't good for one reason that would be that it isn't good for the soil and water. To mine you have to use big machines to extract what you need and the machines sadly run on gasoline. therefore it causes pollution and that's bad for the environment. The soil takes in all the disgusting chemicals and it's hard to grow plants and grass again. And for the water it does the same thing but the difference is that the water isn't fresh anymore so if there was a community close to the water body it would be useless.


Well since the problem is pollution it's easy to think of ways to solve but not as easy to do it. They could use machines that run on electricity so the soil and water don't become polluted and useless. They could also do it manually like it was done way back. Instead of using fossil fuels that are ruining out and polluting the earth instead of benefiting it . They should think about what helps the environment and as an addition gets the job done instead of doing it for their benefit and doing what their told. Do those things as a miner and you will find an impact not only in you're job but in the environment as well.


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