Journey Log 8 Alex Clark-Clark_13-Builder

Habit Used: Engagement

During class, we played a few card games. While this seemed at first just for fun, it had a reason behind it. The goal was for us to learn how to read an audience and relate to that audience for our benefit. With Cards Against Humanity, our goal was to read and engage with the other players. If we did this properly, we would win the round, and ultimately the game.

For Raid 6: The Minecraft Technical Manual, I decided to be a Guild Leader. I chose to engage with this because I have extensive knowledge of Minecraft as well as how the Wiki works for the game. However, upon further thought, I feel it would be best for me to be a supporting role to the Guild Leader. This is because I do not have the time to handle the person by person talking and communicating. My strength is building and planning, not communicating.

These pictures represent what began to happen with the Technical Manual


Created with images by Steve Snodgrass - "Playing Card Abstract"

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