WWF World wildlife fund

What is WWF's goal- WWF’s global mission is to stop wrecking planet’s and the natural environment to build a better future in which humans live in harmony with nature. WWF Australia is part of the WWF International Network, the world’s leading, independent conservation organisation.

WWF is trying to prevent illegal fishing such as long line fishing, deforestation, the use of non sustainable palm oil and non sustainable farming.

WWF is a world wide organisation that is dealing with the issue of palm oil. This map shows how much palm oil is effecting the rainforest and how much deforestation has gone on for the planting on palm trees.
This graph is showing how the land is used in Borneo
Each year about 2.4 million soccer pitchers are cut down in order to plant palm trees, make paper and timber and provide people with homes.
Some animals in Borneo that are becoming endangered because of deforestation are the Orang-Utan, Javan rhinoceros, Elephant and the Samaritan tiger. It is so important we do something about protecting these animals because we would hate for the next generation to not be able to see them.
Ways we can protect these animals is by thinking about what we are buying. Think about where the products are coming from. WWF is trying to stop most products that come out of the rainforest like timber and products with palm oil. Next time you buy think about where it comes from.

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