Trench Warfare Survival Guide Megan brant

Gas Mask

(WWI German Gas Mask)

The use of poisonous gas was thought to be outrageous. However, on April 22, 1915 the Germans launched an attack using 150 tons of poisonous gas ("Germans Introduce"). The early gas mask was very unsuccessful. It would last for only a few minutes and would obstruct your vision, making it hard to fire your gun. Towards the end of the war in 1916, the two sides had finally constructed a useable and effective gas mask saving hundreds of lives ("Gas Masks").

(Reproduction of World War I Socks)

One of the many dangers in the trenches was trench foot. It is a sickness that makes the causes the feet to mold. It is caused by standing in water for to long of a time. However it can be prevented if you wear heavy fitted socks and change them regularly.

(German WWI Helmet)

There were many versions of helmets during WWI. This version happened to be the best. It covered much more of the head providing much needed protection. Many other versions were just sheets of metal pounded in to make a spot for the head. These provided little protection.

(Intrenching Tool)

Since the two sides were not trained in common warfare there methods were very outdated. One of the many methods they used was trench warfare. To do this you needed to dig trenches for your people to hid in. These entrenching tools were commonly used and very helpful.

(WWI Mosquito Net)

While being in the trenches there were many things to worry about. The other side, rats, and diseases. Mosquitos carried many diseases and a net like his one would be of great use.

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