DTC #66: Wait, We’re in Santa Monica? Dive into the lost spots that make up the west end of Pico Blvd.





Take back a few col ones and shots of tequila in a dive bar less seen in the area.

Hang like a NY native with a slice or two of some of the most delicious pies in town.

Catch some live tunes while drinking some local beers at a small venue.

Speak Easy Cocktail has been around for 60 years playing host to all sorts of debauchery and good times. Focus your attention above the bar to the faded photo and you’ll see even Brad Pitt’s made it in.
Stop 1

A seemingly out of place Dive Bar

• 8pm to 9pm •

The final strange stretch of Pico Blvd. in Santa Monica sticks out like a sore thumb among the beautiful beach towns new facade. “I hope this falls on the dark end of the dive bar spectrum.” your buddy says as you cautiously walk up to the Prohibition style mural gracing the outside of your first stop...

  • For sure this place is a legit dive and has been here for over 60 years. Crazy! They've got pool tables, cheap drinks, and strong pours just what you'd want.
  • They’re, apparently, known for the karaoke that takes place on Saturdays starting at 9pm. It can get packed so cruise in early.
  • If you happen to be there when a beautiful Scottish bartender is mixing drinks you're in luck. That’s Ruth and she's been holding down the fort for over 20 years here. God bless her!
  • There’s comedy nights on Monday starting at 9pm. Turn the date backwards if you wanna catch this at the end.
Stop 2

Eat some Slices like your a NY local

• 9:15pm - 10pm •

The night’s ocean haze masks the older worn down apartments and single level motels of this corridor as you walk along the gentrifying row. Once you land at the bottom of the hill a shining beacon of pizza proportions screams out to enter...

  • This is the pizza joint from Wilshire Blvd's Milo and Olive. Turns out they had so much take out pizza business a standing room only joint made sense. Hence the SRO in the name.
  • They have gluten free options, however, they have only 1 pizza ready for slices. It’s up in the air what you’ll get so if your crew wants a gf pie, call when you leave stop 1. It’ll take 20 minutes to make.
  • This is the old location of Sweet Rose Creamery. The SWC production facility is in the back but have no fear there’s a full freezer full of SWC ice cream in the front.
  • P.S. they have gluten free tiramisu for dessert.
Stop 3

Join a mellow local band hangout

• 10pm til you've rocked enough •

The windowed façade of Tr!p Santa Monica only catches your eye because it doesn’t match much of your typical beach town vibes. As you pass into the single room beer bar the mellow situation makes you feel like that time in college when you dated a guy in a band...

  • Bring cash. There is usually a $10 cover charge. An ATM is in the back but better to be prepared you know, and not pay that $3 fee.
  • As a local neighborhood hang they play live music 7 nights a week, a burlesque show every Wednesday at 10pm, trivia night on Fridays starting at 7pm, and open mic night on Saturdays starting at 2pm. What a joint!

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