Green is the New Black By: erik villasenor

Did you know, that today fossil fuels provide more than 90% of the world's energy? We can and need to stop this. In this problem, we need to use more renewable energy that we can help in multiple ways. In this essay, I will show how we can help to make renewable energy and reduce fossil fuel consume.

Starting with, here are the problems we have with fossil fuels.

At first, Americans uses 18 million barrels of oil daily, this doesn't include the rest of the world and is part of the fossil fuels which provides 85% of the energy we use in our daily life. Lastly, fossil fuel power the 90% of the energy in the world consumes.

The cause of this problems is the burning of fossil fuels on fabrics that beside of exporting and sometimes leaking it to the environment such as oil or gasoline. This produces about 80% of what the air pollution is today on earth.

Some solution to this problems are using green energy like Ethanol which is a gasoline that doesn't come from fossil fuels, but consumes crops. So it's not so much green but better than fossil fuel. Another solution is to use Biodiesel to significantly reduce pollution. Lastly, solar power which has been most popular green energy known which is got from the sun for free with Solar Panels, Solar Wind Turbines that can float on water or be on land.

In conclusion, fossil fuels can be unused and replaced by green energy like Biodiesel instead of gasoline (fossil fueled) or solar that is a free way of getting green energy. This all helps reducing the 90% of what today humans use daily and pollute daily for a longer and greener future.

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