fat vampire By: Adam Rex & Project Made By: Aaliyah Brumfield

personal summary

The "Fat Vampire" is about a fifteen year old boy name Doug Lee who was bite by a desperate vampire before he could get into the shape of he life. Now he finds himself cursed forever. His best friend, Jay helps him get though his troubles. When hehas no luck getting a female with a vampire obsession, he finds himself drinking cow and zoo animal blood. Soon he falls in love with a new Indian exchanged student.

Personal Review

The "Fat Vampire" is a great novel to take time to read. I'm not a big fan of reading but when I read this this book I laugh so much. It not only has lots of comedic moments included into the story but it also makes you want to keep reading. Adam Rex, the author does a great job at expressing the main character, Doug, personality. One of my favorite parts in the story is is the conversation Doug and his best friend, Jay has after they break into a zoo to find something for Doug to feed on.

"I don't want you to think I...this is gong to sound kind of weird, but.." Jay looked up at him."I was hoping for something a little more... sexy,"said Doug. "Sexy?" "Not actually sexy! Not, like, I'm into animals or anything..." (pg. 14)

Another part that I liked was when Doug finds himself in a cage with a hairless panda, a camera, and security guards, who end up tasering him. I would definitely recommend this book to people who enjoy laughing a lot.

The Love that Doug needs
Doug studies Dracula sense Doug is a vampire


Auther: Adam Rex

Website: www.adamrex.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MrAdamRex


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