How to Become a Politically Active Teenager BY MAKAYLA GUBBAY

May 20 2018

With all of the political drama this year has brought so far, at least one positive thing has come from it: teenagers are becoming more politically aware. However, since high school students can’t vote or hold positions in government, it’s easy to feel voiceless and powerless. Below are five ways you can make an impact on the political world as a teenager:

Apply to Become a U.S. Senate Page

If you’re a high school junior and at least 16 years old, becoming a Senate page could be the opportunity of a lifetime. For one academic semester or summer, Senate pages get to serve in the Congressional complex and work alongside the leaders of our country. Pages also receive education at the United States Senate Page School. Their duties consist primarily of delivering correspondence and legislative material within the Congressional complex, as well as preparing the chamber for Senate sessions, and carrying bills and amendments to the desk.

In order to become a U.S. Senate page, you must be appointed and sponsored by a Senator. You can gain sponsorship by contacting your Senators and requesting consideration for a page position. There is a lot of criteria for pages, academic standing being one of the most important. For more information on Senate pages, click here.

Apply for a Government Internship

If becoming a page isn’t right for you, a government internship could be the perfect fit. Though internships are often available exclusively to college-age individuals, some senators offer internships to high school students. To learn more about these opportunities, visit your local senator’s website.

Become a Journalist

With false information becoming dangerously widespread, journalists are more important than ever. Writing is also an amazing way to share your views with the world and change the ways others think. Furthermore, you don't need a fancy degree or years of experience to start making an impact on the journalistic sphere: anyone can become a freelance journalist!

To get started, you can email your local newspaper and see if they are interested in publishing an article you wrote. You can also submit your article to online magazines. Many online magazines have a place on their website where you can pitch pieces. If the magazine of your choice doesn’t have this, you can also email a pitch to an editor directly. Be sure to check the magazine masthead to find an editor who is the proper fit.

To become a part of the Revolution Now team, visit our “Apply” page. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Write a Blog

Don’t think journalism is your style? Starting a blog is another way to get people to read your work. With blogs, you can post whatever you want whenever you want, and still reach a significant audience. You can start a free blog today on websites like Wix and Blogger.

Get Involved on Social Media

Using social media is another efficient way to capture an audience. Running an Instagram political page is a successful niche, with some accounts having millions of followers. Furthermore, social media has the reputation of being a vessel for false information, so creating a credible account could even counteract this harmful development.

Learning the ins and outs of creating an online presence could even end up serving you in the future. It has become clearer and clearer that social media is no longer limited to cute selfies and latte art. Businesses are rapidly working to increase their media presence and maintaining a company or organization’s social media could become your job someday.

Plan a Protest

Planning a protest is a great way to raise awareness about an issue. There are many nationwide organizations that facilitate protests, or you can create one yourself. While planning a protest does take a lot of collaboration, starting a school club dedicated to planning these events is a good first step.

Click here to learn more about planning your first protest.

Whether it's working side-by-side with Senators, or sharing your opinions through writing, it is important that you start as soon as possible. After all, it is up to us to create the change we are dying to see. If we are the future, then the future is now.

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Created with an image by Rux Centea - "ENOUGH"