Do like our oceans if you do this is for you. Do you ever wonder about our oceans dieing if no I recommend you read this if yes please feel free to read it any way.

Boyan Slat can change the world

In this article inhabitat explains how Boyean Slat is cleaning up our ocean. A detail is that he and his group can remove 7,250,000 tons of plastic. It is booms that collect the trash from the top of the oceans.

Marine pollution

The oceans are not a dump it is a place for fun colour full stuff and fish 🐡, it is there home also mammals like whales 🐳. All this animals are dieing because of us and they have more rights to live then we do even ants 🐜 so think about getting vegetarian because if everyone dose there part it will be better and you will have a better life.

I hope you changed your mind because it is a big thing that some people don't even care about even more people care about Trump. And nature created every thing even the ocean and it is natures biggest accomplishment and it is a thing that a lot of people enjoy 😊so why destroy it.

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