Vocab Ela 2017

1. Appeal - a quality that causes people to like someone or something

2. Ethos - The creditably to someone or something.

3. Pathos - A quality that evokes pity or sadness.

4. Logos - Appeal to logic

5. Scare Tactics - a strategy intended to manipulate public opinion about a particular issue by arousing fear or alarm.

6. Anaphora - The repetitions of words or phrases.

7. Patriotism - Supporter of its country

8. Sarcasm - Use of irony to mock or persuade someone.

9. Rhetoric - A way and language of persuading people with techniques

10. Persuasion - Persuading someone or getting persuaded into believe in something

11. Rhetorical question - A question to the audience that doesn't require a answer.

12. Connotative - The feeling a word creates, not the denotative meaning.

13. Denotative - The dictionary meaning of a word.

14. Figurative language - Language that uses words and expressions that is different from the actual literal meaning.

15. Loaded Language - Way to appeal audience by using stereotypes or emotion

16. Explicit language - stated and in detail, leaving nothing for confusion or doubt.

17. Implicit language - Implying but not fully expressing.

18. Allusion - Figure of speech that makes a reference to famous things like people, places, and events

19. Tone - The attitude of how the wrote writes about the subject or about the audience.

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