Francesco Fiorentino

He born in Florence, Italy, but spent most of his adult life he lived and worked in Poland.Educated in Florence Italy. His lifestyle is somewhat unknown but he did travel around much to do works for his different patrons.He was a fantastic sculpture and an architect.

He was selected to recreate the Royal castle of Wawel. He designed a tomb for the Queen Elisabeth of Australia┬┤s son. He also made a niche for the tomb where it would eventually end up. The tomb was actually quite wide so the niche had to be made very deep but not so high.It would transpire that his work on the Royal Palace would not be finished by him due to his untimely death. He also designed the tomb for the king of Poland.

He had not to many patrons unfortunately patrons. Prince Zygmunt I Stary, Queen Elisabeth, and The king of Poland.

Most of his works would express a form of Classicism because he designed palaces and he used the classical style of architecture and the style secularism because the work he designed were not for the church or any religion.

The Royal Castle of Wawel

The castle began its construction in 1516

It is located On Wawel hill in Krakow

The Palace parts that were designed by Francesco were a decorative stone bay window in the western wing and the construction of the arcaded galleries before his death. Much of the wok was very creative compared to some of the earlier works of the middle ages

The castle itself was very creative and beautiful. It had an arcaded courtyard, spacious, brightly lit interiors, and magnificent use of architectural forms originating from ancient art, hitherto unknown in Poland. The building was a breakthrough in the development of architecture in Poland. What was amazing about it is that Francesco was actually in charge of fixing the castle after it had burned down and he made it very different yet still amazing compared to the original.

Classicism or secularism because the work used was of the architectural styles of the ancient times and it was done no for religion.

The castle can be found on Wawel hill and it still stands today.

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