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We held a party tonight at the house, and it was pretty lit. I think everyone had a great time. There were even a few Montague's there, but I don't think they caused any trouble. I did have to talk Tybalt out of starting a fight though, which would have led to his execution! He saw a Mont named Romeo, and he got super triggered. I got him to calm down for the time being, but he did swear that he would kill Romeo, and I can't be held responsible for anything he does outside of our territory. Paris asked me if he had my permission to marry my daughter, Juliet, but i told him that i would let her tell me when she is ready for a commitment like that, as she is only 14.

Tonight was lit!

Today I went to see Paris to give him my blessing to marry Juliet. That may sound odd to you, as I stated in my last post that I would wait until she made that decision on her own, but he seems very distraught over the loss of cousin Tybalt. He was slain by that Romeo fellow, and I can't believe he is only going to be exiled! The Prince already didn't stay true to his threat to execute the next people to fight, and since Tybalt is dead, Romeo should be too. He should be grateful that the Prince showed mercy. Anyways, I really hope that this surprise helps to cheer her up!

Romeo after he killed Tybalt. (Colorized)

God's bread, I'm so infuriated right now! Sorry, that must sound pretty weird out of context. Let me fill you in. I just found out that my daughter Juliet isn't grateful for the opportunity to marry Paris this Thursday, and I can't put my finger on why! The nurse was standing up for her, and I almost smacked her silly! I couldn't believe my ears when my lovely wife told me that she wasn't happy about this amazing opportunity. Just last week, she seemed overjoyed at the idea of marriage, an Paris is rich af. I really hope she changes her mind, because I said I would disown her if she refuses to marry this coming Thursday, and I really don't want to keep true to that, since she's the only one who can carry on the family name.

How my day went...

So today Juliet came and apologized to me about the whole "refusal to marry Paris" thing, and she even agreed to move the wedding up a day! I was totally overjoyed when I heard this! She must have just been having a case of the Mondays. She's been having some pretty serious mood swings lately, and I might need to take her to see a doctor. It's going to be pretty hectic these next couple days. I probably shouldn't be taking time to blog this, as the wedding needs to be planned and ready tomorrow!

Hey guys, I'm not sure how to say this. Here goes nothing. We just found Juliet lying on her bed with no pulse, and we think she is dead. And on the morning of her wedding, of all days! Words cannot describe the level of sadness I'm feeling right now. I don't know why this all happens to me. Now there won't even be anyone to carry on the family legacy after my and my wife's passing. At least we can use all of the food and wedding site to make it a beautiful funeral for my beautiful daughter.

I still can't believe it. This can't be real.


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