Boycotts, are they effective

The Montgomery bus boycott sparked the civil rights movement and was the real start to this movement. Through this boycott the city lost millions of dollars beacause no blacks were riding the bus. Originally they were aiming for 50% to stay of the busses, but they were surprised when 99% stayed of the busses.
A Boycott is a withdraw from commercial or social relations as a from of protest. In a boycott if people are boycott a store, they do not work at the store. A boycott is a very effective form of protest because by doing this it causes the business to loss money. This makes the management have to give the workers what they want.
An modern day example of a boycott is market basket. Market basket fired ceo arthur t demoulas. Most of the employees did not like this so they boycotted market basket and got what they wanted. Which was to get arthur t demoulas back.
This quote states that Rosa Parks gave up her seat not because she was tired but, because she was tired of getting bullied and getting pushed around. Later to prove that this on act of bravery would start this boycott.
People refuse to ride the bus and continue to walk while this boycott is going on.
This primary source doc explains rosa parks arrest and the approval for the boycott after 5000 people stood up in approval for this boycott.
People are segregated and separated on the bus into a black section and a white section.

In my opinion boycotts are very effective. In the past and present boycotts have been very effective including the Montgomery bus boycott, market basket boycott and numerous other big and small boycotts have been successful.

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