Cyberbullying effects Gineiza lugo

Cyberbullying is a very important topic for a lot of people. People experience cyberbullying on a daily basis. Sometimes people think that bullying on line isn't the same as bullying in person. If anything bullying online is worse than bullying in person. Why? Because online people tend to express them self better there instead of in front of someone else because they never know their limit to when they have to stop and they don't know how much their words could effect other people around them. That's why cyberbullying is a very important topic.

Some where that people can get help can be at a counseling place. Or maybe just someone to speak with that can help them feel better about themselves and feel more confident and less insecure about their image and personality. Most of the time it's just that much better when people getting bullied sees that their are other people around them who really care for them. Also they can see that people around them really want to help them throughout their situation and it's good for them to notice that not only their families will care about it. Thats just my opinion and what i think is best for people being cyberbullied by others.

I choose this topic is because I think that a lot of people need to notice that even though they are experiencing a difficult situation their are people around them who are willing to help them out. I have been through bullying before as a little girl and it is very difficult and brings down your self-esteem a lot more than what people think it does.

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