Ice Warrior's #lastpole The Biggest, Boldest, Bravest & Most Important Expedition of Our Time

Despite our climate predicament, there is something hugely positive going on. Ordinary people from all walks of life, all echelons of society and many nations are committing themselves to achieving something quite Extraordinary.

They are training to become modern-day polar explorers and take part in the most arduous and ground-breaking expedition of our era.

Polar bears are in serious trouble

They are going to reach the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility - the Last Real World First to be claimed in the Polar Regions. It is a journey of over 800 miles (1200 km)across treacherous sea-ice, in one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth.

Ice is critical to our survival but disappearing

They'll face frigid temperatures that will freeze flesh in seconds, polar bears that will hunt them and an ocean that could swallow them up. It will take, perfect team work and preparation. But when they make it, they’ll have achieved not only a World First but a vital benchmark for the scientific community and the measurement of global change.

Officially Approved
One of the world's most respected & experienced explorers

Jim McNeill will lead this extraordinary attempt in February 2023. Few, if any, have the length and breadth of experience to pull this off.

Thoroughly trained novices

You can take part in this historic event! There are 28 committed people, in 4 teams of 7, undertaking comprehensive training and at least a 20 day leg of the expedition. Ordinary people, developing themselves and united in singular purpose. True citizen science - wholly fulfilling - truly worthwhile.

From all walks of life

This is not just another Polar Expedition but a real contribution to our Present And our Future

This is part of the Ice Warrior Project - more information on the link below

Get involved: This is your chance to do something massive for humanity

Ordinary people who care about our survival

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