Following on as of 20/03/2017

I have been working on coding and I have done 95% of my tills for the game and will be working on the code for the next 2 days.

I had a bit of issues when coding as I did not remember how to make an event but after looking it up I remember.

I am on track to meet my dead line

Following on as of 22/03/2017

I have been working on my file naming as they was not name good I have also been working on the tills .

I think that by name the file like I have now will make it better to me to get the work I need to do.

If I keep going like I am I think that I will have some time next work to do more coding.

I am on track to meet my dead line.

Following on as of 23/03/2017

I have been working on my final major project I have been working on my game and have been trying to make a menu and get the player to move as i need them to do.

The making of the menu was harder than I think it was going to be and still need to work on it. this will be done in one week or so from now.

My targets for the next week is to have a fully working Manu

I am on track to meet my dead line

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