The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt BY: cASSI LEE

The Spatial Experience - As I entered the lobby, I felt really excited to see the play because of how excited everyone else was. Everyone in the lobby created a bright atmosphere that made me want to watch the show. In the auditorium, I was sitting directly in the middle, which made the experience even better. I could hear all the actors evenly, and had a view that increased my appreciation for the play. When the lights dimmed and everyone became quiet, it reminded me of when I would go see plays in high school. I instantly became more eager to observe and enjoy the actors. The size of the auditorium was small in comparison to the ones I am used to being in, but it made the experience more intimate. In the good life, the role of place affects how one acts. For example, more peaceful places like churches would result in kinder actions and thoughts of an individual.
The Social Experience: I attended the performance with my friend, Susanna. To get ready, we read the online study guide/pamphlet and discussed our thoughts. Once we were seated in the auditorium, we were surrounded by strangers. Being in the company of others whom we were unfamiliar with made the experience even more enjoyable, as we got to meet new people. Before the show began, I talked to the people around me and we voiced our opinions on what we thought the play would be like. Although meeting individuals was enjoyable, being with my old friend, Susanna, made me feel comfortable and enhanced the experience. Sharing experiences plays the role of increasing the quality of an event. Being able to do activities with other people creates valuable memories.
The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The time and place of the story was set for 1905 in Quebec City. The central issue addressed in the performance was battling between what is morally and ethically right, but also strongly focused on social oppression and gender roles. Before seeing the performance, I was aware of these issues. I know many people who struggle between deciding which of their obligations (moral, ethical) are more important. I also knew that many laborers were being overworked and were not fairly compensated back then. and that all of the laborers working in factories were women. This was made evident in the play. This play reminded me of the continual pressures placed on individuals in modern day society regarding their responsibilities and having to choose their values. This performance made me realize that one should be loyal to their morals, because the truth always reveals itself. This topic does not relate to a specific event currently happening, but is relevant to my life everyday, because I have to decide whether my moral or ethical commitments are more important. Picture:
The Emotional Experience: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides multiple opportunities for katharsis, and "to be human and to be happyā€¯. In the play, Michaud loves theatre, but also desperately needs to keep his place in the church. The Boss covers up the horrid working conditions of the laborers in order to fabricate the image of a perfect industry. Similarly, Casgrain buries the negative details regarding the church to save its name. These characters had the opportunity to reveal the truth, but they let them pass. However, their lies are unwillingly liberated and they must face the consequences. Had they presented the truth in the beginning on their own, their consequences would not have been as extreme in the long run. Picture:


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