Nerds Dan sanchez

I picked nerds for this project

Nerd (adjective: nerdy) is a descriptive term, often used pejoratively, indicating a person that is overly intellectual, obsessive, or lacking social skills. Such a person may spend inordinate amounts of time on unpopular, little known, or non-mainstream activities, which are generally either highly technical, abstract, or relating to topics of fiction or fantasy, to the exclusion of more mainstream activities.

This is what people say about nerds when it comes to mind.

They like to act cool just because they are smarter then some people

People who wear suspenders and collard dress shirts

Nerds are people who like to wear tape in the middle of there glasses!

They love technology!

They love video games, and drinking 2 liter Mountain Dew

So what does this imply about the label of nerds?

  • They get good grades and watches a lot of game shows.
  • They wear suspenders and glasses with tape in the middle.
  • They wear khaki and collar shirts, dress shoes.
  • They don't socialize with other people they just show up do what they got to do and go home with good grades.

This is what people label me as:

Military brat

Run for the fallen!

I have flags everywhere!

This is my army flag

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